A Historic Downtown Ribbon Cutting

I was proud to cut the ribbon for the Bucyrus Club and Event Center and the Bucyrus Museum on Thursday, July 15 — and to thank the workers and project partners like CG Schmidt, Inc., Zimmerman Architectural Studios, Inc., the South Milwaukee Industrial Museum who made this happen.

That list includes our city team. Every city department touched this redevelopment, helping build a legacy project that will transform our downtown, while keeping alive the heritage of the company that defined South Milwaukee for generations. I thank them, the members of the City of South Milwaukee Common Council and Plan Commission, and other local leaders who got behind this. It wasn’t easy, but the end result is amazing.

You have to see it for yourself to truly understand how special this is.

The deli is already open for breakfast and lunch, with a full-service restaurant coming this fall. Ernie is already booking events, too, with great success. The museum — literally being built by Bucyrus retirees, another really cool part of this story — officially opens on Tuesday (which is why you don’t see any photos of it here — from what I’ve seen, it’s spectacular).

This building anchored our downtown for decades. It will do so again. Starting now.

Thanks, Alderman Tim Backes, Patrick Brever, and CG Schmidt, for the photos.

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