Statement on the Arrest of South Milwaukee Alderman Ramon Navarro

Today, I am issuing the following statement on the arrest of South Milwaukee Alderman Ramon Navarro on May 30, 2021. This NOW story has more details on the alleged incident.

My thoughts and prayers are with the boy struck on May 30, 2021, and his family. Thankfully, police reports indicate he was not seriously hurt.

I am deeply disappointed in Alderman Navarro and his alleged actions, and he is fortunate there were no serious injuries in this case. 

Alderman Navarro has served South Milwaukee and his constituents well as an elected representative for more than 20 years. I thank him for his work.

However, elected officials must be held to a higher standard of behavior. Voters rightfully expect and demand that of us. Elected officials should be publicly accountable for their actions, just as they regularly hold citizens accountable and stand in judgment of them on licensing and other matters. 

I have previously, privately, asked Alderman Navarro to resign from the South Milwaukee Common Council. I publicly ask for his resignation today.

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