Wanted: Commercial, Mixed-Use Developers For Key Downtown Corner

From the city …

The City of South Milwaukee has issued an RFP to sell the city-owned vacant lot located at 2318 10th Ave. Among other guidelines, we are asking for a 2-5 story commercial or mixed-use building. Proposals are due by 4 pm on November 8th.

From the RFP

  • Site: 2318 10th Avenue, city-owned property, 30,600 SF (0.70 acres)
  • Preferred Land Use: Commercial or Mixed-Use
  • Zoning Setbacks: 15-foot front yard build-to line , Min 20 ft street side yard setback

Building and Site

  • Minimum 2-story building. Building areas above 60 feet in height should be setback at least 5 feet from the primary façade
  • The primary entrance to the development should be oriented towards 10th Avenue
  • Parking should be located at the rear of the building site

Design Guidelines

  • Building should ensure “four-sided”, quality design and materials by applying consistent building details and scale on all sides
  • Regardless of architectural style, buildings should have a distinct base, middle, and top
  • Building should meet the ground with a solid base treatment to create a visual transition from the sidewalk to the building wall. Glass treatments that extend to the ground are not recommended
  • For first floor commercial, at least 60% of the ground floor façade must have windows at least 5 feet high
  • Create architectural interest through the use of cornices, friezes, pilasters, arcades, piers, brick patterns, lintels, sills, special roof features, special door and window features, or mullions.
  • Additional architectural features should be added to exterior building corners at street intersections
  • Ample fenestration on all sides of building, maximizing light, air and privacy
  • Encourage incorporation of crime prevention design features according to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Screen trash and utility areas
  • Screen parking lots with ornamental fencing, hedges and other plantings


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2 responses to “Wanted: Commercial, Mixed-Use Developers For Key Downtown Corner

  1. Lonngren, Karl E

    I was wondering what the names of the horizontal streets (east/west) are in the map. When I lived in South Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Journal had a substation at the end of 10th Avenue. Thanks.

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