Police: Anonymous Call of Active Shooter at South Milwaukee High School Deemed a Hoax; Other Districts Report Similar Incidents

From the South Milwaukee Police Department …

South Milwaukee was from from alone in these anonymous hoaxes this morning. Check out coverage from TMJ4 and WISN.

Parents in South Milwaukee received this message …

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

At 9:40 a.m. all Standard Response Protocol measures were lifted at the High School, Middle School and Rawson Elementary School. Students were not deemed to be in any danger, and the report of a threat to the campus was found to be a hoax. Police will continue a heightened presence at all District schools throughout the day. 

The safety of students and staff is our main priority. Staff and students acted responsibly and quickly when the Lockdown was called.

During a lockdown 

  • Students should remain in the classroom or go into a room as soon as possible
  • Students should move out of sight from any doors or windows.
  • Silence should be maintained and lights should be off
  • Doors should be locked and not opened. When the event is over, staff with keys will unlock doors or an announcement will be made. 
  • Staff members may direct students to not text or use other communication methods during this time. This will be done as needed during emergency situations.

The District performs regular drills to prepare students for when a threat might be identified in one of our buildings, however, it is a stressful event when one is actually initiated. Counselors are available to speak to students about today’s Lockdown and you are encouraged to talk about the incident with your child. 

Please contact your individual school if you have any questions or would like to discuss resources available to your child. 

Thank you to our local police and educators for the work in keeping our kids safe — and taking the utmost precaution in situations like this. It’s scary stuff when your kids text you during the school day talking about a lockdown, as mine did today. I pray for them most of all. Kids shouldn’t have to worry about stuff like this. But they do. And they need to. That makes me sad — and angry.

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