An Update From Alderman Tim: December 11, 2022

South Milwaukee Alderman Tim Backes has graciously volunteered to write regular updates for the Blog coming out of the South Milwaukee City Council.

You can see his first installment here.

Thanks, Tim, for bringing this idea to the Blog! I am always looking for content to further our mission of keeping South Milwaukeeans informed on key issues, while also providing important context and depth where possible.

It is why I started this blog as an alderman in 2009, and why I continue it today.

Please note: All content is written by Alderman Backes, and shared verbatim through the Blog. Any opinion offered is Tim’s and Tim’s alone.


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2 responses to “An Update From Alderman Tim: December 11, 2022

  1. Ernie Wunsch

    Thank you Tim! This a great addition and endeavor you are taking on! We have always appreciated Mayor Brooks dedicated sharing of South Milwaukee information and we all continue to support our involved council and dedicated commitment to powerful growth in our beloved community.
    I look forward to every post you and Mr. Brooks provide for all of us residents!
    Ernie Wunsch

  2. Jean

    I always liked the South Milwaukee Blogs and will continue to follow.

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