Thousands Without Power In South Milwaukee Following March Snowstorm

A winter storm overnight left thousands without power in South Milwaukee.

Here is the We Energies outage map. Most power outages locally seemed centered near Rawson and Nicholson as of 7:30 a.m. on March 10.

The South Milwaukee School District also announced a “non-traditional snow day.” From its message to families …

Due to the ongoing winter storm and power outages in many of our buildings, school buildings will be closed today, Friday, March 10, and students will have a non-traditional snow day. 

Elementary and middle school students should complete the work sent home or assigned to them before school resumes on Monday. High school students should be prepared for virtual check-ins today with each of their classes. 

Here is the morning update from the National Weather Service …


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2 responses to “Thousands Without Power In South Milwaukee Following March Snowstorm

  1. Peter

    WE energies maps are useless. Pretty much whole area around Columbia and 5th including those apartments are out but they don’t have it listed.

  2. I do believe it’s time for WE Energies to update it’s electrical grid for it’s aging systems in the Central South Milwaukee Area it’s long overdue the amount of power outages per year r only rising and could b avoided in many cases

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