Meet Rocket, The New South Milwaukee Police K-9

From the South Milwaukee Police Department’s Facebook page

Today, Officer Matt Edwards was able to meet his new partner, Rocket, the K9!

Rocket is a one year old Dutch shepherd from Holland.

Officer Edwards and Rocket begin formal training together this fall. Rocket is expected to be on patrol with us late this October.

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who donated to our K9 program!

I’m told Rocket will begin officially training with his SMPD officer and get sworn in later this summer.

Welcome aboard, Rocket!


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2 responses to “Meet Rocket, The New South Milwaukee Police K-9

  1. Charles robert weber

    I’m really glad about our new police officer. Rocket is a great access to our police dept. Can’t wait to see him on patrol and in action.
    Good Luck SMPD

  2. Donna Klosky

    What a beautiful dog! I have no idea if part of Rocket’s training will be to have him socialize with other dogs but if so please consider bringing him to our Warnimont Dog park. My dog and I would love to meet Rocket in person.

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