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Welcome Home, Jackie Kashian


All joking aside, we have another native daughter to celebrate.

Jackie Kashian returns to South Milwaukee, her hometown, for “An Evening of Comedy” on Saturday at the Performing Arts Center. Tickets are still available. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story on her show …

Kashian will return to her hometown, which she called “adorable” and “sweetly funny,” to headline an evening of comedy Saturday at the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center. That center is part of South Milwaukee High School; she lived near it growing up and graduated from there in 1983.

If comedians were assigned roles like saints, Kashian would be patron of the dorks, the nerds, the gamers and the pop-culture enthusiasts, thanks in large part to her long-running podcast, The Dork Forest, in which she interviews comedians and other folks about their obsessions. For newbies and proto-dorks, she recommended checking out an episode with Tacoma comic Jim Stewart Allen, who gave her a passionate hour of conversation about the real history involved in the game “The Oregon Trail.”

Kashian said she embraced her inner dork at age 8, when a brother gave her the book “Harriet the Spy.” Like Harriet, she began her own journal. “I would journal about every weird, obsessive thought I had,” she said.

Lest you think that’s too age-appropriate normal to count as dorky, Kashian notes she was further inspired by an episode of “M*A*S*H” that featured psychiatrist Sidney Freedman writing to Sigmund Freud. “I started writing to Sigmund Freud when I was 10 or 11,” she said. “I was going through puberty and I thought I was crazy.”

Welcome home!

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More On That South Milwaukee Comedian …

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a profile today of Jackie Kashian, the South Milwaukee High School graduate and rising comedy star.

Check out the story here. From it:

This weekend, Kashian returns to her old stamping grounds – including a gig only eight blocks from the house where she grew up. She headlines shows at Daddy’s Rockin’ Steakhouse in South Milwaukee on Friday and Rounding Third on Saturday.

Kashian, who describes her comedy as “social commentary with family stories,” expects her family – otherwise known as the people in her jokes – to be in attendance, including her father, the man she describes in terms not appropriate for a family newspaper. But she does it tenderly.

She tells one story about meeting her dad at a McDonald’s during a visit home, when her dad arrived in too-short jean shorts that he made himself. She gave her father’s wardrobe a “creep factor of 90.”

“He’s a handsome guy,” Kashian said. “If anyone could wear such an outfit or if he were looking for gentlemen callers . . .”

She doesn’t finish the thought, although she likely will this weekend.

Did you know Jackie? Did you envision her becoming a comedian? If so, or not, post your comments below!

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Local Laughs: Some South Milwaukee Comedy And More Local Headlines

Update: Here is a Journal Sentinel story on the wandering boy in Cudahy.

Comedian Jackie Kashian is returning to South Milwaukee to poke some fun at her hometown — including a visit to the 4th District’s newest bar and eatery, Daddy’s Rockin’ Statehouse on 17th Avenue.

Learn more in this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story, and here is a YouTube clip where she references her roots. And here is Kashian’s opening act.

Andheck out these local headlines of note from around the South Shore …

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