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Candidate Forum Set for March 24

Learn more about the candidates for Milwaukee County Board and Cudahy mayor.

Thanks to the South Shore Chamber of Commerce for holding this event, and to the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center for hosting it.


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County Board: Two Vie For District 8 Seat

Two people are running to replace Supervisor Patricia Jursik on the Milwaukee County Board.

The two candidates for the District 8 seat are …

  • Tony Bloom, 1428 Michigan Ave. in South Milwaukee
  • David Sartori, 6000 S. Buckhorn Ave. #215 in Cudahy

Cudahy’s Kevin Fech, who had filed a declaration of candidacy for the seat, informed me today he will not be running.

The deadline for nomination signatures was 5 p.m. today.

You can see a list of all 2016 spring candidates on the Milwaukee County Election Commission website here. And here is Milwaukee Journal Sentinel coverage on contested races.

Election day is Tuesday, April 5.

Jursik announced in November she would not seek another term.

Look for more information as the race heats up this winter.

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Supervisor Jursik To Not Seek Another Term

South Shore Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik announced today she will not be seeking another term on the County Board.

From her newsletter

On Tuesday, November 24, 2016, I filed my Declaration of Non-Candidacy for the position I have held since 2007. This is the formal document indicating that I will not seek re-election for the office of County Supervisor in District 8.

It has been both a privilege and a deep personal honor to represent my fellow citizens in the South Shore of Milwaukee County. Our government is formed to allow a single individual to represent many in the particular level of government in which they serve. I have never lost sight of this representative capacity. I know you may not always have agreed with my decisions, but I hope you always felt that I was trying my best to represent our larger district and the best interests of the people. I found that this is no easy task since you will always be “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” in some circles. This being said, it has nearly always been my experience that the people of District 8 are good, hard working folks that are fair minded and grounded in common sense.

I have filed my papers well before the actual deadline of December 28, 2015 in order to give those interested in running a full month to gather signatures on nomination papers. I do ask that all voters to learn about these candidates and remember that citizenship not only includes rights but also responsibilities. Please be an informed voter. I will not endorse any candidate. This is your job, not mine.

My last day in office is April 17, 2016. I will continue to fulfill my duties until that time. God bless all of our fellow citizens in the great South Shore of Milwaukee County.

I have mixed emotions about this. While I wish Pat all the best in her retirement, I will miss her deeply in this role.

We are losing a strong, caring and tireless advocate for South Milwaukee and the entire South Shore. I respect Pat tremendously, and, while we didn’t agree on every issue (we did on most), I wish I had four more years to work with her on priorities like enhancing our parks, revitalizing the Oak Creek watershed, economic development, and other important issues.

Good luck, Pat.

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Emergency Repair: County Board Backs Bridge Funding

Beech Street bridge

Good news for South Milwaukee from the Milwaukee County Board today, as supervisors overwhelmingly passed a measure to spend $200,000 in emergency funding for reconstruction of the Beech Street foot bridge over Oak Creek.

Here is the press release from County Supervisor Patricia Jursik, who drove this effort.

I thank Pat for her hard work on this, and for all who voted for this important piece of legislation for South Milwaukee. This foot bridge is a vital connection between our middle and high schools and the northwest side of town.

From all the upgrades under way at Grant Park to investments in Grobschmidt Pool to the continued partnership around an Oak Creek watershed restoration study, the county continues to make an investment in South Milwaukee.

I am very appreciative to see this project added to the list, and was happy to get behind this effort.

I will keep you posted on timelines for replacement. The hope: We have a new bridge in place in time for the start of the new school year.

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Get Your “Go Pass” In Cudahy, South Milwaukee

A note from Milwaukee County Supervisor Pat Jursik …

The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) is offering alternative community locations to assist with “GO PASS.”

The “GO Pass,” which was mandated by the County Board of Supervisors, allows all Milwaukee County residents 65 and older unlimited free rides on MCTS buses. The free pass will also be available for residents with disabilities who meet certain requirements. The designated dates and locations for our District 8 are as follows:

Monday, May 11, 2015

Warnimont-Kelly Center

6100 S. Lake Drive, Cudahy

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Grobschmidt/South Milwaukee Senior Center

2424 15th Avenue, South Milwaukee

9:00 AM -2:00 PM

For more information please click:



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Report: South Milwaukee’s Grobschmidt Pool Targeted For Closure

South Milwaukee’s Grobschmidt Pool is one of four Milwaukee County pools the new parks director is eyeing for closure in 2014, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Here is the story. From it …

Indoor pools at Noyes and Pulaski parks and outdoor pools at Jackson and Grobschmidt parks all have relatively high costs and low attendance, Dargle said.

A proposed pool closing plan would include reinvestment of savings for other amenities at those parks, Dargle said in an interview and comments before the County Board’s parks committee Tuesday.

He said costs greatly exceeded revenue at Noyes and Pulaski pools each year, in response to a question by Supervisor Khalif Rainey on whether Abele would propose their closure.

“We are losing some money at those” pools, Dargle said. “They are old pools.”

Noyes Pool is at 8235 W. Good Hope Road and Pulaski is at 2701 S. 16th St.

The two pools need a combined $4.2 million in repairs, the report said. That includes nearly $1 million in electrical work and more than $700,000 for heating and cooling system upgrades.

In the interview, Dargle added Jackson and Grobschmidt to the potential closure list. The Jackson Park pool is at 3500 W. Forest Home Ave. Grobschmidt pool is at 2600 16th Ave. in South Milwaukee.

An Abele spokesman said full details of his 2014 budget won’t be released until next week. Any potential changes with pools Abele may propose would be better described as offering supervisors “options to open amenities that get more use by the public” and cost less, said spokesman Brendan Conway.

This is really disappointing news and thankfully far from the final word. As this debate continues, please make your voice heard … and let’s work to save this community amenity.

As County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimtrijevic put it: “I don’t understand this philosophy of eliminating public amenities.”

Instead, let’s invest in them to make them viable. What a concept.

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Jursik: “I’m Not Playing This Game Anymore”

Update: Supervisor Jursik is one of the co-sponsors of Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimtrijevic’s reform plan

South Shore Milwaukee County Supervisor Pat Jursik has called for local, not state, action in restructuring county government in a strongly worded statement issued last week. 

Check out the press release (including YouTube links to some of Pat’s comments from a committee meeting last week) here. From it:

The moneyed interests of the Greater Milwaukee Committee and Metropolitan Milwaukee Association Commerce are supporting this shift in the balance of powers. With a large majority of their members living outside of Milwaukee County, these wealthy elites are seeking to control local politics. Make no mistake, Representative Joseph Sanfelippo, who now represents a significant portion of Waukesha County – not just Milwaukee County – is seeking to undermine local representation. Not only my constituents, but all our citizens in Milwaukee County, are losing their local voice. …

 About 200 District 8 citizens attended the Restructuring County Government event in South Milwaukee on April 4, 2013. I heard from the local people. Make no mistake, some restructuring will need to be done and I heard loud and clear that the board needs to trim its budget. But I want to work locally to make these adjustments, not with the self-appointed shadow government from outside our county.

The Assembly voted for a bill authored by Rep. Joe Sanfelippo last week and is expected to take a final vote on the matter in May. It’s unclear when the Senate will act, even as a group of county supervisors have come up with their own plan for restructuring

I’ll keep you posted. Of course, I’d like to know what you think about all of this. Post your comments below.


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Public Meeting Brings Debate Over Restructuring Of County Government To South Milwaukee

For at least one night, South Milwaukee will be the center of the debate around the various proposals to restructure Milwaukee County government — thanks to County Supervisor Pat Jursik.

Pat is hosting a public meeting on the topic on Thursday, April 4, at the South Milwaukee Peforming Arts Center. The meeting is from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Among the speakers is state Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, the former county supervisor who has been driving this debate in Madison. Also scheduled to speak is County Supervisor Theo Lipscomb.

The event will feature an overview of Sanfelippo’s bill, a counterpoint from Lipscomb, a review of county services and a question-and-answer session.

It should be an interesting night. Learn more in Pat’s newsletter. From it:

As your representative on the County Board, I have not yet taken a position with regard to this restructuring. In order to take a position, I am holding a public meeting to both inform and to obtain your input. Rep. Sanfelippo will discuss his bill and the Chairman of the Intergovernmental Relations Committee, Sup. Theodore Lipscomb, will provide input from the local Board perspective. This format will ensure a good point/counterpoint discussion. It will also allow for your questions.

What do you want from your local County government? I am hopeful that residents will fill the auditorium to discuss this important issue. Don’t miss this opportunity.


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Guest Blog: Pat Jursik On Joe Sanfelippo’s Proposal To Make The Milwaukee County Board Part-Time

Update: Be sure to vote in my new poll on the right-hand side of the page!

I asked Milwaukee County Supervisor Pat Jursik for her thoughts on the legislation proposed by state Rep. Joe Sanfelippo to require a binding referendum asking voters if Milwaukee County supervisors should be part time.

Here is what she wrote me …

First, it is hard for any supervisor to discuss this issue since it affects pay and benefits; therefore, I have an automatic conflict of interest.  Any attorney would call such a witness biased.  This being said, I want you and all of my constituent to know that I will serve my constituents throughout my term as promised in my Oath of office no matter how this turns out.

Second, Can this job be done by a part-timer?  Yes, if all you do is attend committee meetings and board meetings.  Sanfelippo has already said he works part-time and therefore knows it can be done.  But I would ask anyone to tell me what Sanfelippo has accomplished for his district?  He has no successful projects because he does not work with others to reach consensus or compromise.  He Votes “NO” on any controversial or budgetary matter which really does not require him to spend much time studying the issue.  But enough about Sanfelippo, I will talk about my district.  When I first ran for this office, I had a full-time law practice.  I thought perhaps I’d be able to do my superviosry duties and still be able to run a scaled-down practice.  Then I ran into the first major issue that effected the South Shore, the move to take down the Hoan Bridge. I reacted with creation of the Coalition to Save the Hoan.  I created a Petition and held town-hall meetings.  I appeared at the Press Club and many other venues to press our case for saving the Hoan.  I soon discovered I had no time for other duties.  I’ve fought for extension of 794, repair of the 7 Bridges, keeping the 128th open, South Shore Option for Economic Development and other projects to benefit our district.  I am proud of my record.  I probably sound like a candidate for re-election (as I said there is an automatic conflict for me to address this issue).  I hold these accomplishments up to those of Sanfelippo to show what working full-time vs. part-time looks like.

Third:   A pox on both their houses.  Yes, this is base politics at its raw, ugly, take-no-hostages level.  I did not vote for the current redistricting plan on the board.  When the Holloway-led board did redistricting, they too used their majority to reduce Republican representation on the board basically redistricting Joe Rice out of his seat.  This ugly act has now come full-circle and perhpas the “board” (some new members were elected and did not participate) has reaped what it sowed.  Should we govern regionally?  SEWRPC is our regional planner, and perhaps our governance should be as well.  The problem with Sanfelippo’s attack from this view-point is that he would only change the rules for Milwaukee County while leaving all others the same.  When you want real change, everyone should sit at that table. 

Of course, I’d like to know what your thoughts are on this issue. Post your comments below!


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Jursik To Chair Economic Development Committee … And Other Milwaukee County Updates

Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik has been named chairwoman of the county’s Committee on Economic and Community Development.

Jursik addresses the new post in her most recent Enewsletter. From the item:

This area has been a priority of mine. I am eager to help grow our area economy and tackle issues like the new MKE Regional Business Park at the Airport, Downtown lakefront redevelopment, the former Park East Corridor and the County Grounds including Innovation Park.

Jursik will also continue on the Finance & Audit; Personnel; and Transportation, Public Works & Transit Committees.

As you’ll recall, Jursik lost in her bid to become board chairperson to Bay View Supervisor Marina Dimtrijevic — a vote that Jursik clarifies in this press release. While that loss stung, Jursik’s roster of committee memberships is impressive … and a strong sign that South Milwaukee’s interests will be well-represented on the County Board.

We’re lucky to have Pat standing up for the South Shore.

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Politics Get Ugly on the Milwaukee County Board … and Jursik Pays an Unfair Price

Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway has stripped South Shore Supervisor Pat Jursik of her Personnel Committee chairmanship and dropped her from the key Finance Committee following Jursik’s opposition to a Holloway hiring earlier this year.

Surprising? No. Mean-spirited, under-handed and desperate? Yes.

But this is apparently how the game is played on the County Board, Lee Holloway’s County Board, where the focus is too often on personal squabbles vs. finding solutions to the daunting issues of the day.

This Journal Sentinel story sums it up pretty well … and shows exactly why people are growing increasingly frustrated, disgusted even, at politics and politicians these days.

From it:

The drama started when Holloway, during his brief stint as acting county executive, hired Renee Booker to lead the county’s Department of Administrative Services. Holloway automatically took over as county executive after then-County Executive Scott Walker was elected governor.

Jursik spearheaded a successful effort to block the Booker nomination, saying it was inappropriate for Holloway to fill such a key job when Holloway was serving in a caretaker role.

Holloway withdrew the nomination when it became apparent he couldn’t get Booker confirmed.

Jursik said she had no doubt that having her committee chairmanship removed and being taken off the board’s finance committee was Holloway’s way of punishing her.

“Of course it is,” Jursik said. “I was expecting this . . . I stated in committee I would probably lose a chairmanship over (Holloway’s Booker appointment), and that’s what happened.”

I stand behind Jursik on this, and most, issues. She is a strong representative for South Milwaukee and a passionate, intelligent and hard-working leader for her constituents.

She deserves better. So does the county.

What do you think of this? Post your comments below!


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County Board Redistricting Means Little to the South Shore

Update: It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my concerns about the tepid, at best, redistricting plan put forth by the board.

In her latest eNews update, Supervisor Pat Jursik has shed some light on the local impact of the looming Milwaukee County Board redistricting. The answer? Essentially none.

Here is the item from the update …

I support reducing the overall number of supervisors on the Milwaukee County Board.  A plan for 15 districts (a reduction of 4) was submitted to the Board and I voted for this plan.  After this failed, I offered a compromise plan reducing districts to 17.  This also failed to get a majority.  I could not support the staff plan for 18 supervisory districts (a reduction from the current 19).  Under the 18 plan, which is on track to take effect in April 2012, our 8th District will continue to include the entire cities of St. Francis, Cudahy and South Milwaukee and add approximately 600 more Oak Creek residents.

Check out the Journal Sentinel story on the redistricting plan here.

I am glad to read that Supervisor Jursik supported a plan calling for further redistricting, as I don’t think the plan approved by the board goes nearly far enough. Nineteen full-time supervisors is too many, just as 25 was too many until 2004.

So how many is enough? Better put, how many is too few?

I’m honestly not sure, but I’d like to see the debate bend to the bold and less to the types of half-measures that the board passed earlier this month. Want a good place to start the discussion? Try the Greater Milwaukee Committee’s Make it Your Milwaukee initiative.

Of course, I’d like to know what you think of this issue. Please post your comments below.



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