Drexel Avenue Is Open

Just a quick update …

Drexel Avenue is now fully open east- and west-bound from 15th to Nicholson Avenues. Thanks for your patience, and please drive safely.


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5 responses to “Drexel Avenue Is Open

  1. Randy G

    You may have explained this before but, could you explain why the entire road surface was not replaced? I understand that cost is an issue and, while it’s better than before, it’s not great. Thanks.

  2. Randy: Indeed, it was about cost … only replacing the parts of the street that need replacing. We took a similar approach with the 15th Avenue project several years ago, I believe.

  3. Randy G

    Thanks. That’s what I figured. Is there long-term budget planning in place for replacing the rest or is that on an evaluation basis?

  4. It’s done on an evaluation basis. We rate all of our roads each year and try to attack those in most critical need. As you can guess, the list can get pretty long. One big project coming up later this summer: 17th Avenue between Rawson and Milwaukee.

  5. Tammy

    The Drexel “fix” is worse then the road was before. A lot bumpier!! There has to be a better “fix” than what was done. I really hope the fix on Sherman is better than what they did on Drexel. Drexel is a main road into So. Milw…would have thought the fix would have made it better not worse…just a tax payers 2 cents for whatever they are worth

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