Inspiration: Cancer-Stricken South Milwaukee Football Player Featured

Sunday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a great profile of Michael Christensen, who joined the South Milwaukee football team this fall after years of battling cancer.

Check it out. From it:

A year ago, Michael was bedridden, yet he has reached the point where he can finish warm-ups. After he has done all he can physically do, he assists with practice.

“Right now in practice he’s probably walking 2 miles helping us get things set up and taking things down,” Hoff said. “He’s rarely sitting down. I think you’ll see a nice progression and eventually he’ll have a chance to be a contributor.”

He has a jersey and he’s on the roster of a Woodland Conference contender. That’s a big step.

A bigger step has been the support Michael has received from his teammates.

“They’ve been great,” he said. “I love every single one of them. They’re like brothers to me.”

And in a year or two, the sophomore might be ready for playing time.

“Getting through the off-season health-wise will be the true test, to see if he can perform at that level to be successful,” Hoff said. “I can’t wait for the day he suits up and sees his name mentioned for a big play in the newspaper for his football.”

Said Michael, “I live for every day, trying to see what I can do. Hopefully in the off-season I can work up to being more active for next year.”

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    Awesome story of fighting back from disease and stretching your limits. What can you do today to stretch your limits?

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