Wild Flour Bakery To Reopen This Month

The downtown momentum continues, with some more great news for South Milwaukee’s central business district.

Wild Flour Bakery is set to reopen its storefront retail space by Thanksgiving, according to Jaime Salazar, who will run the store at 1205 Milwaukee Ave.

Hours will be Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, 9-4.

Jaime tells me the store will offer baked goods like pastries, breads, cookies and muffins, with the potential of offering hot and cold lunches and other prepared foods in 2015, depending on customer feedback. Customers will also be able to order Thanksgiving pies at the store in coming weeks. And they will offer catering.

The interior (which features a kitchen in the back, where Wild Flour has continued to use even with the storefront closed) will also get a facelift with new paint and decor.

I wish Jaime and the staff at Wild Flour the best of luck — and thank them for continuing to invest in downtown South Milwaukee. I’m excited to see new life for the store that closed more than three years ago, and look forward to even more good news for downtown in coming weeks and months.

From MKE City Sippers to Wild Flour Bakery to Board Game Barrister (opening soon), and more, we’re just getting started when it comes to downtown South Milwaukee!


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7 responses to “Wild Flour Bakery To Reopen This Month

  1. Peggy B.

    Wonderful to see Wild Flour back in business in South Milwaukee!

  2. Patti B

    Let’s keep this momentum going, Wildflower reopening is another step in the right direction! I know I will be spending my dollars there to help out.

  3. Marge Lower 1701 Elm Ave

    Love them, love them. What a coo for SM. One of the best bakery’s ever.
    Cranberry walnut rolls the BEST

    Marge Lower

  4. Betsy A.

    Welcome back Wild Flour! Not only great breads, but excellent granola, and an owner, Dolly, who’s willing to go the extra mile for this and any community of which she is a part. Got to meet Jaime this summer at the market and know he’s a great asset to this community based bakery. My hope is that the reopened and refreshed storefront will trigger further interest and motivation to fix up the facades of other buildings in dire need of love on this block. Glad to have the City Sippers and its neighbor, Dowling Acupuncture as well. Comin’ back to life, downtown!!! Whoohooo!


    Thanks Eric for your encouragement and support. Now our South Milwaukee residents need to support them… With more businesses downtown, perhaps that will happen! I know I will.

  6. trkstr31

    Great to hear of more businesses opening (or re-opening) in town! Lets also remember to support the existing small businesses who jumped on board early or who have weathered the good and bad times… places like Nona’s, Greg’s, Muskie’s, and all the others!

  7. Amen to that! My hope: These new businesses will get us that much closer to a critical mass of destination retailers downtown — and that will benefit everyone. I want all to thrive (and think we all can win here).

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