Council Denies St. Adalbert’s Rezoning

The South Milwaukee City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday night to deny the rezoning request by Gorman & Co. to convert the former St. Adalbert’s campus into 31 apartments.

I support the vote for reasons I outlined previously.

Check out coverage from TMJ4 and Fox 6.


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14 responses to “Council Denies St. Adalbert’s Rezoning

  1. Bob

    Very ironic ……….South Milwaukee denies housing for elderly , Cudahy approves it for Church of the Nativity site !!
    Cudahy no way wanted a Wal-Mart , South Milwaukee aldermen approve Wal- Mart in spite of citizen’s objections .

    • Rick

      Yes Bob….and more than likely Divine Mercy will abandon the property and eventually will become owned by the County who in turn will auction it off….

    • Rick

      In fact, the company I work for contacted the commercial real estate company listing the South Park Bowling Lanes about buying the parcel and constructing a retail store. We were told that the Mayor does not want retail on that site. So we are working with the City of Oak Creek to build a retail store at the Town Center on Drexel & Howell. Stay tuned for the announcement of another retail establishment locating in Oak Creek.

      • Rick: “We were told that the Mayor does not want retail on that site.” That is not true. I’d be happy to discuss a variety of potential uses of that site, and said so with our meetings with the broker. To me, it is a big opportunity property, be it retail, residential or a more creative reuse of a challenging site.

      • Rick

        That is not what our broker was told by the listing broker. We moved on and are working with OC to have a placement in the Town Center.

      • Great!! Keep em coming 😃

  2. Bob, unless something changed, I was under the impression SM was FOR that property being rezoned for senior housing, but that Gorman said it wasn’t logistically possible. Anybody know if that’s still the case?

  3. Kevin Riordan Broker for the Property,
    As the Broker for the property I would like to reply to the to the statement regarding being contacted by a retail developer or firm to build a retail facility. I have not been contacted by a retailer or retail developer for that site. I have been contacted by churches, bowling alleys and apartment developers. We are open to any development that would be acceptable to South Milwaukee.

  4. RocketMom

    So, people of South Milwaukee. What should be done with this land then? Single family housing? A Rec center? (SDSM has a tournament gym space shortage).

    This leaves the members of Divine Mercy on the chain for the property taxes and outside maintenance for this empty property. Most of the people who long for St. Adalberts, no longer attend Divine Mercy parish.

    I’m not sure what the asking price of this land is, but let’s say $500,000, and let’s say it will cost $400,000 to raise the building to free up the land for development. ($1 Mil).

    Would the citizens of the city be willing to hold a referendum for the city to purchase this land, and create a task force to find the right developer?

    Otherwise the fate of this land may have an even worse consequence.

  5. Ann

    Too bad for SM. As a resident of SM and a Divine Mercy parish member, it’s sad to see that this community seems to prefer another empty building instead of the dreaded “population density”; because abandoned buildings are much better than new residents.
    I hope DM parish will be able to reduce the costs of maintaining this empty property as much as possible. Maybe the residents who were so opposed to rezoning can help the city buy it.

  6. Divine Mercy

    Dear Parishioners and Citizens of South Milwaukee,

    What a sad day for our city and our parish community. By not granting a rezoning of our 16th Avenue site, the city will not receive in tax credits $40,000, will not have the potential of 63-67 new citizens, will not have the reputation of being a welcoming community to new comers, as well as, future construction developers and developments, will not advance affordable housing as agreed to with the county, will not preserve or recycle one of our historical buildings, will not have possibly 14 new students in our school system. And for our parish, we will not have the resources to complete phase II of our remodeling and still have the cost of $70,000 of upkeep on those buildings.

    When I was first assigned to this parish, some 16 years ago, the first day I was here I was told, “Father, if you weren’t born and raised in South Milwaukee, you will always be an outsider.” This decision says that so loudly and clearly. There is no logical, factual or rational reason why this zoning was not granted. Rather, it seemed to be based on the emotion of fear, a negative perception of what might happen, racism, and a prejudice against the poor and needy. When we die, I don’t think the Lord will ask, “ What was your property value or did you live in a high density area? But he might ask did you welcome the stranger?”

    Through the years the Catholic community has contributed greatly to the growth of this city! Millions of dollars were saved by the taxpayers in the form of the four/(now one) schools we operated for years. When there was no auditorium in town, where did they come for different events? When the courtroom was remodeled, where did they come? When a polling place was needed for the First Ward, where did they come? Chairs and tables, Heritage Days, Human Concerns, to say nothing of the moral and spiritual values that were preached and taught. What a slap in the face is this denial.

    Its been said it doesn’t fit in the neighborhood. Well it is already in the neighborhood and served 250-300 children in school, daily and Sunday Masses (400-450), weddings and funerals, athletic events in the gym, countless meetings, festivals and other gatherings. I don’t think 63-67 more people would have a negative impact.

    If this were Walmart, it would be no problem. But then the city owned the land on which it was built and it is very profitable for the city. In light of that I would ask the city to purchase this property and then they can do what they feel is best suited for the location and the overall community.

    In the scriptures it says “if someone rejects you, shake the dust from your feet and move on.” So we dust ourselves off and move on to continue to serve and be the best stewards of our gifts for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

    Love, Peace, Joy,
    Merry Christmas,

    Fr. Bob Betz, Pastor
    Divine Mercy, South Milwaukee

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