Rounding Up Tuesday’s Council Meeting

A few other items on Tuesday’s agenda, in addition to the ownership change for Grant Park Plaza

  • The council voted unanimously to deny a liquor license and (separately) a conditional use permit for the Iron Breed Motorcycle Club at 428 Marion Ave. (corner of 5th and Marion). I had voted against the conditional use permit at the Plan Commission level.
  • The council also voted to make some changes to how we run meetings. It was mostly housekeeping and making changes to our ordinances to reflect our current practices. One change: The council decide to put an end to the “committee of the whole” concept — something we haven’t done in years anyway. Under this concept, the mayor can call a meeting of the council for “informal discussion” of various matters, without voting on them. I support the decision. We can (and do) already use regular council meetings to debate issues, with that debate at times not leading to a vote. You can see the updated ordinance here.
  • The council also voted to clarify how we handle complaints about the keeping of pit bulls. It put enforcement in the hands of the Health Department and laid out the process for complaints and appeals regarding the dogs. See the updated ordinance here.
  • And the council voted to add Jerome Bzdawka to the Board of Health.


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2 responses to “Rounding Up Tuesday’s Council Meeting

  1. Don Freimark

    Thank you Mayor for your hard work,enthusiasm and promotion of our city. Don Freimark-lifelong resident

  2. Pug

    I would like to thank you and the council for rejecting the liquor permit on the biker club. I live in the neighborhood (Menomonee Ave.) and that would have been the last straw for me. House shaking from Appleton Electric then the noise from the motorcycles. Too much.

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