South Milwaukee Fish Fries: What’s Your Favorite?

With the first Friday of Lent here, it’s a good time to ask — what’s your favorite local fish fry?

We are regulars at Emerald City Catering, but I know there are plenty more outstanding ones around town.

Post your comments below!


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9 responses to “South Milwaukee Fish Fries: What’s Your Favorite?

  1. Jon Ellis

    I wouldn’t call it a “fish fry” but I am hooked on Azteca’s fish tacos !

  2. Nels Monson

    No doubt about it (IMHO) – Pat’s Oak Manor… Homemade potato pancakes and cole slaw, live background music. The best!!

  3. Vicki Maloney

    It’s a toss up between 3 local restaurants. Johnny Mo’s, Beer Town and Muskies! All 3 serve a very delicious fish fry with so much flavor! Beer Town also has some pretty amazing bacon wrapped mozzarella sticks! I’m just saying 🙂

  4. Eric myers

    Slick Willies best fish fry in south Milwaukee

  5. Regina arkens

    Oak Manor for us…hot, fresh food!

  6. Linda

    Knight of Columbus in South Milwaukee!

  7. Jo

    What happened to Papa Luigi’s? The best fish fry in the area, now closed for more than a year. What is the plan? Will it open again? It was always packed!

    • Cory Peterson

      I have also been wondering about Papa Luigi’s. All I keep seeing on their facebook is to visit them in Cudahy or that they were waiting on approval for building plans, which I highly doubt take a year to approve. Something doesn’t seem right there that nothing is happening as that’s a long time for a business to stay closed.

  8. Lori & Mike Zingsheim

    Slick Willy’s and Emerald City catering both are pretty darn good!

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