District of Character: Another Great Honor For South Milwaukee Schools

There is lots to be proud of when it comes to our South Milwaukee schools. Its focus on character education is one reason why.

I see it come to life in my kids every day, which is why I’m not surprised to hear the entire South Milwaukee School District has been named a State District of Character by the Wisconsin Character Education Partnership. It was the only district to receive the honor. (Three individual schools from the around the state were also honored.)

South Milwaukee will be recommended to the national Character Education Partnership for a National School of Character award to be announced at the national conference in Washington D.C. in October.

From the WCEP …

All over the state, schools of hardworking administrators, teachers and their students try their best to win the coveted designation as a State School of Character. … 

Each went through a rigorous review by a committee of professionals who determined to what extent the school exemplifies strong implementation of character education in their schools, based on the Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education. The Principles are in accordance with the National Schools of Character (NSOC) guidelines. Schools and districts are evaluated according to the CEP’s Character Education Quality Standard a Self-Assessment Tool for Schools and Districts. …

Wisconsin schools have been winning such designations every year since 2011.

Why does it matter to the state of Wisconsin that these schools are functioning at such a high level? These kids will become adults. In the not too distant future they will govern, become employees and raise families of their own. These schools enroll nearly 5000 students in total. If one person can influence the world for good, imagine what 5000 educated people of character can do.

To learn about the specific initiatives each institution developed and promoted within the larger character driven education of the schools, please see the state website at www.wicharacter.org.

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One response to “District of Character: Another Great Honor For South Milwaukee Schools

  1. Elissa Mross

    This is great news! I would love to hear more about the SM public schools and how they compare to other cities. It would also be informative to know what issues and improvements the school board is working on to strengthen our school district.

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