Support Three Former Rocket Football Stars, And Children’s Hospital

The accolades keep pouring for the 2014 South Milwaukee football team … and they also need your help.

Here is a note from Rockets Coach Derek Hoff …

On behalf of the South Milwaukee Football Program I want to again congratulate Mitchell Dess and Calvin Shilling on their selection to the All-Star game.  As previously noted only 2 players from each school are allowed to be nominated… HOWEVER, I had nominated 3 knowing that many D1 scholarship players aren’t allowed to play in the game.  So, now I am VERY VERY proud to announce that South Milwaukee Football will have 3 representatives as IAN PRIBYL has also been selected to the South All-Star Team!  

 With this selection to the All-Star team these athletes are required to raise $money$ for the Children’s Hospital.  The athletes are not raising any money for themselves, they are simply representing the Children’s Hospital.  I’m sure all of you have had some experience at Children’s Hospital that means a great deal to you or someone close to you.  Personally my family has been positively impacted by Children’s as my younger sister was born with a hole in her heart and had surgery and care there when she was just 8 months old. 

Calvin and Mitchell are having a fundraiser at Mulligan’s Pub and Grill in Franklin, WI on 27th Street on Tuesday April 21st from 11AM-10PM.  Upon arrival there will be representatives handing out Mini-Football signs supporting children’s hospital.  If you turn one of those footballs in with your bill 10% will go towards children’s on behalf of Calvin and Mitchell.  There will also be some raffle prizes available as well.  

There is also a Dual Track meet that evening at Oak Creek High if you want to come support the boys as they compete in their spring sport.  

If you wish to make a direct contribution to anyone of these 3 athletes please contact:

 Congratulations again to these 3 athletes as they will represent the ROCKETS on TV Saturday July 18th @ 5:00 in Oshkosh, WI at TITAN STADIUM.  


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2 responses to “Support Three Former Rocket Football Stars, And Children’s Hospital

  1. Frank

    How about a firewood sale? if we could get the players to split the wood. Have a spliter and have the wood. The wood is already aged. Childrens needs the money and they help my son back when he was small.

  2. Tracey Shilling

    Thanks so much for posting this! The boys are honored to have been selected and appreciate the help in their fundraising endeavors!

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