Head To The Beach: Exciting News For Grant Park, And All Of South Milwaukee

Burgers, custard and beach volleyball – consider it three more reasons to head to Grant Park this summer.

Milwaukee County has agreed to a long-term contract with a partner that will bring beach volleyball to Grant Park this summer and beyond – and is closing in on a deal that will breathe new life into the concession space at the beach.

First, information on the concessionaire.

Ferch’s Beachside – owned by the same family behind Ferch’s Malt Shoppe & Grille in historic downtown Greendale – is planning to open early this summer and offer burgers, custard, beer and more. The owners are also doing extensive remodeling to the space, which hasn’t been used in more than five years.

On Tuesday, the county’s Parks, Energy & Environment Committee unanimously recommended approval of a long-term lease with Ferch’s, and the full Milwaukee County Board is expected to take up the issue at its April 24 meeting.

I spoke to Dale Ferchoff today, and he is excited to come to South Milwaukee.

Just feet away from the concession space, volleyball courts are already going up.

The county has already contracted with Chicago-based Cities and Sports to run the volleyball activities at the beach, which will include two-, four- and six-person men’s, women’s and co-ed leagues starting June 1. As many as 18 courts are planned, and they’ll be available for general public use when not used by leagues or tournaments.

  • Find more details on the volleyball here. League registration is now open, currently for teams looking to play on Thursdays and Sundays.
  • And here is more information on Ferch’s.

I want to thank Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik, County Executive Chris Abele, the Parks Department and other county officials for their work in bringing these additions to the beach, and for their support of the park overall. I’m proud to stand behind their efforts.

These are game-changing initiatives that will not only bring an energy to Grant Park not seen in years, but they will also lift our entire city. I can’t wait.

Of course, the beach additions are just two of the exciting things happening at Grant Park this summer and beyond. Check out my previous post for more on those.

Efforts include the repaving  the entire length of the Oak Leaf Trail in the park starting this year, and the Traveling Beer Garden, presented by Sprecher Brewing and Sprecher’s Restaurant and Pub, which is appearing at Grant Park’s Brown Pavilion (Picnic Area 5-6) June 16-28. There have also been environmental investments made, including a new rain garden near the beach, new trees throughout the park and bluff stabilization work.

Look for more details on these exciting developments soon, and spread the word!


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17 responses to “Head To The Beach: Exciting News For Grant Park, And All Of South Milwaukee

  1. Cory Peterson

    This is great news for Grant Park! It’d be nice to have Grant Park Beach become the Bradford Beach of the South. Good luck to Ferch’s, I hope they do well! I can’t wait for them to be close to home!

  2. RocketMom

    More positive activity like this, means less crime in the park. Please remind the SM natives that this is another ice cream alternative Let’s support our local businesses.

  3. Frank

    Eric this a very big move forward for South MIlwaukee. It places us on the young urban provisional horizon. Great work.

  4. Ferch’s in SM!! That is completely awesome. I’ll be spending more time at the beach for sure.

  5. Awesome..so excited about the repaving of the trail…its needed it for a long time…love that trail!

  6. Elissa Mross

    Are they planning on repaving the beach parking lot and the driveway down to the beach? It would be a shame to increase the traffic to this area but still have a broke down entrance to the beach. I also think they should start charging parking fees or enforcing a county park pass for the beach area to continue the maintenance and upkeep of the parks so they never get to this level of disrepair again.

    • Elissa Mross

      Ferch’s is a really good fit for SM and will hopefully help attract other restaurant groups to the area. It would be really nice to get an upscale restaurant in the area that could cross promote with our SM PAC for a dinner and theater night.

    • LA

      I don’t like the idea of a parking charge. Do they charge for parking at Bradford Beach?

  7. Donna

    I love that there are outhouses in Grant Park as well. That will help the walkers and bikers enjoying the park. Would also like to see the county parkway road by the high school fixed. It has not been paved in years.

    • Laurie

      I totally agree with Donna. The county parkway from about the railroad trestle to South Chicago Ave. is just awful.

  8. swo

    Ive been to grant park beach many times, and sand is not good for volleyball. Branches and sticks, garbage, and rocks all need to be cleaned up or it wont work. If they make it like racines north beach, it will flourish.

  9. Kelly

    I have always wanted to play volleyball there. I just saw the poles up there. It’s going to be a great time this summer! I am so excited!!

  10. George

    How ridiculous that they have to bring in a group from outside Wisconsin to run the volleyball. Typical bad decision by the County Board. Fail.

    • Donna

      Couldn’t agree more George! We had local talent running things at Bradford Beach and it flourished. Why do we need to bring in a group from Chicago to run things. They can’t even be bothered to post a picture of Grant Park Beach on their FB page….rather they use a Chicago picture. FAIL!

  11. Not going to have enough parking space down there its already bad. excited for the plan sounds great but you going to have people getting tickets cause of parking is my concern.

  12. Becky

    Had a great time playing Volleyball Thursday night in the league. Thank you for bringing volleyball to Grant Park Beach. It’s going to be a fun summer 🙂

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