Big Investment In Grobschmidt Pool

Update: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has more on the Oak Leaf Trail improvements.

The investments continue in South Milwaukee’s county park assets.

The latest: several significant upgrades to Grobschmidt Pool, improvements that give this longtime local attraction — on and off the Milwaukee County budget chopping block over the years — a bright future.

Among them:

  • Installation of a new pool liner membrane;
  • Conversion of the pool water supply channel system to one using floor inlets; and
  • The addition of new stainless steel hand railings for the pool steps.

The pool, like all county pools, opens June 20. Details here.

I want to again thank Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, the Parks Department and County Supervisor Patricia Jursik for their support of this and all the investments coming to South Milwaukee’s parks this year and beyond.

All in, more than a million dollars is headed to parks in South Milwaukee in 2015.

And those investments are coming to life right now. Among them:

We also continue to make progress on a much-needed Oak Creek Watershed restoration plan.

More than 20% of South Milwaukee’s land mass is parkland, and what’s good for our parks is good for our city. That’s why it’s hard not to be excited about this.


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8 responses to “Big Investment In Grobschmidt Pool

  1. RocketMom

    Since the Cudahy YMCA is still closed, this is a good alternative for kids and families to go cool off for the summer. With the pool shortage in our area, I hope they also offer swim lessons. Living so close to a great lake, as well as rivers and streams, swimming is a vital survival skill that everyone needs to learn.

  2. Elissa Mross

    All good news, great job!

  3. Pat Gerasch

    Fantastic…..happy to hear the pool is staying!! Great job!!

  4. Bob

    What about the BEECH ST foot bridge ?? Is that in the 2016 budget ?

  5. Rick

    i notice that students are using the bridge by going around the barricades and crossing using the logs outside of the rails and walkway.

    • Bob

      What do you expect them to do walk the extra mile ?
      I have crossed the Bridge and don’t see an immediate problem . There are 2 Electric poles on each side holding up the bridge . Originally there were only 2 poles ,one on each side .
      I think the county closed it to CTA ( not many of them use common sense! ).

    • Bob

      What did you do when you were a Kid ??

  6. Tom

    New Beech Street Bridge has been coming for the last 50 years. Don’t hold your breath.

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