Making South Milwaukee A More Beautiful Place

The city’s new Beautification Committee is a reality.

The city council this week appointed the following eight citizens to this new group, which is tasked with promoting, encouraging, and working to enhance the beauty of our fair city. They are:

  • Betsy Abert
  • Cathy Bassett
  • Patti Bergeson
  • Paul Berens
  • Sue Hebner
  • Leah Manthey
  • Brian Morrison
  • Jim Shelenske

This is a great group that brings a lot of passion, hard work, skill and differing perspectives to the table.

We’ll look for the group to meet for the first time later this month and start its important work. And we may look to add a few alternates in coming weeks, as applications continue to come in.

Do you want to apply to join a city commission or board? Do so here.


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3 responses to “Making South Milwaukee A More Beautiful Place

  1. Mary F.

    Let’s start by helping homeowners cut and remove dead trees. I’ m particularly thinking of 8th and Michign and 9th and Marion. They just may not have the resources to take care of them.

  2. Melanie

    Its a good thing, thanks Mayor

  3. Peggy

    Could the committee nudge the owners of BP gas station on Rawson Ave to spruce up their property?

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