Garbage, Fence Fire Reported Sunday Night; Cause Appears Accidental

From South Milwaukee Fire Chief Joe Knitter …
At approximately 11:15 last night, SMFD responded to a report of a garage fire in the 2300 Blk. of 9th Avenue.  While responding, SMPD arrived on scene and confirmed the fire at which time SMFD requested assistance from our neighboring departments.  Arriving SMFD units found a fire involving several garbage and recycling carts and a privacy fence extending to an adjoining shed and the house directly north of the fire property.  Due to the concrete block construction of the garage, damage was minimal. Witness statements were taken and the cause appears to be accidental.  No injuries were reported.


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2 responses to “Garbage, Fence Fire Reported Sunday Night; Cause Appears Accidental

  1. Elissa Mross

    Can the city do anything about all of these burned out properties? It is not a good look for the city to have all these burned out houses. I assume the property owners are working with their insurance agencies, but does the city set any time frames for when the property needs to be addressed. Some of these houses have been sitting for awhile. This is also a safety issue.

  2. Jon Ellis

    I saw on the news last night that there were two houses in Waukesha that had their garbage cans lit on fire over the weekend. Not saying this is tied to it but just wanted to let you know.

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