Happy 50th, E.W. Luther!

Luther 50th Luther 50th 2 Luther 50th 3

Luther 50th 5 Luther 50th 4

Celebrating E.W. Luther Elementary’s 50th anniversary with an open house and a proclamation

South Milwaukee is blessed with terrific local schools that have stood the test of time — and Luther is clearly one of them. It’s an impressive school that we should all be proud of.


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3 responses to “Happy 50th, E.W. Luther!

  1. Marie Gentil

    What was in the E. W. Luther time capsule? I was a fifth grader there in 2005 so I would really like to know and see some pictures!

  2. Kathy Koscielniak

    Marie – Do you remember the “name the Luther Leopard” contest? Lucky the Leopard and the runner up names were in the time capsule. Also, a list of favorite the favorite book, singer, & movie, as well as some newspapers from 2005. Check out the Luther website soon to see pictures of the event!

  3. Pug

    Went there from ’67- ’74. some of my favorite teachers were;
    Miss Mahoney – 2nd grade
    Mrs. Pheiffer – 3rd grade
    Mrs Bonito – 6th grade
    Mr. Stys – 5th grade
    Mr. Perry – 6th grade
    Good times.

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