Innovating Around Crash Reporting

“South Milwaukee is the first department in the state to transition to an electronic crash reporting platform and can serve as a template for other agencies state-wide.”

I love reading quotes like this … and innovating in how we deliver our services.

That statement describes a new online service being offered by the South Milwaukee Police Department allowing commercial entities (like insurance companies and law firms) to obtain accident reports electronically through an automated, online platform, 24/7.

I’ll let Police Chief Ann Wells explain the Lexis Nexis Police Reports service better …

“The ability to offer accident reports in an electronic format will save our officers and clerical staff countless hours in processing time. This new system will also provide a benefit to our citizens who are looking to expedite the insurance and/or legal process associated with an automobile accident. Instead of sending physical copies of our reports to the state and then mailing requested copies to insurance companies and law firms, those organizations can now request and access them online. This has the potential to cut delivery time from 10-20 days down to one or two.”

Read the whole press release here.

Keep in mind that only citizens with insurance can use the service, which also provides these benefits …

  • Elimination of the agency’s need to input crash data;
  • Improved agency investigative strength by providing easy access to their crash reports and those of other participating agencies; and
  • Simplified crash data storage, access and distribution.

Also, a portion of the proceeds of each crash report purchased through the system will be provided to the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association.


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2 responses to “Innovating Around Crash Reporting


    How much will the reports cost ??? Why does the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Assoc. Get money from this . Why not the Police Officers Assoc. Or better yet the Taxpayers who are paying the salaries ??

  2. Yes there is a fee charged in order to get the report.

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