New Owners Secure Bright Future For South Milwaukee Ace Hardware

New Ace owners

An iconic local retailer has new owners, and they have big plans.

South Milwaukee Ace Hardware has been sold to Harry and Chris Gil, owners of Harry’s Ace Hardware & Rental at 7240 S. 76th St. in Franklin. Their son, Ben, will manage their second location.

The Gils are showing their commitment to South Milwaukee by signing a long-term lease for their space at Sunrise Plaza, 1009 10th Ave., and they are planning a significant store remodel later this spring.

Please join me in being among the first to welcome the Gils, and to wish Dave Micale, the previous owner, well.

Dave built a first-class local business that went head-to-head with big box stores and more than held its own thanks to great customer service. Here is a message from Dave …

I would like to thank all of our customers for all the kindness and support that my family and I have received over the past 20 years. I can’t express enough how we enjoyed being a part of the neighborhood. We have met a lot of good people and made many great friends. I will forever be grateful.

The Ace announcement — especially the signing of the long-term lease and the planned improvements — is great news for Sunrise Plaza as a whole, which has new owners focused on improving the center and making it more financially viable.

And what’s good for Sunrise Plaza is good for South Milwaukee, and continued small business growth in our fair city. It’s exciting to see.

Welcome to South Milwaukee, the Gil family!


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6 responses to “New Owners Secure Bright Future For South Milwaukee Ace Hardware

  1. joe synowicz

    I would like to thank Dave & his family for the many years of helpful service. Whenever I had a problem they were always there to he;p. Thanks

  2. A heart-felt thank you to Dave and his family and the “Ace family” for their steadfast and friendly service to the city of South Milwaukee. I run a small woodworking studio here and if it wasn’t for our local store; I would have needed to travel to get the small supplies that one sometimes runs out of while working on a project. My “almost weekly” if not daily visits were always met with a smile and a bit of friendly conversation. I always felt welcome and I always felt that they took an interest in what I was doing. Also, being a home owner here in South Milwaukee, I can’t recall the countless times the store and the staff came to the “rescue” for that lightbulb that burned out or the faucet that leaked, that missing tool needed right now or the key that needed to be replaced yet again. Welcome to the Gil family and thank you for keeping a much needed and much appreciated business in town!

  3. Betsy A.

    Ditto comments above. I’m so grateful there was/is a go-to local venue with knowledgeable and helpful staff such as Dave and family. From repairing screens, to cutting Plexiglas and offering advice on a workable solution to worn hardware, Ace was a convenience I never took for granted. So, I am pleased that the Gils will bring their experience to my neighborhood, with thanks to Dave et al for the same over the years.

  4. Lynn Detrie

    Thank you Dave and family. You will be missed. You were ever happy to help even when it was clear I wasn’t sure what I needed to do. Lynn

  5. Gabrielle Berning (Micale)

    Being a member of the Micale family I cant even begin to explain how hard it is to see this place no longer in the family. My father and my uncle’s started this business when I was only a few years old and I have countless memories to tell about growing up in this store. It was there when I needed a place to build my cardboard box forts and it was there when I grew into a teen and needed my first job. I remember seeing my family interact with so many wonderful people and I grew up knowing that my family truly was making an impact on people’s lives. I wish the Gil Family the best of luck in their future endeavors. I am extremely grateful to see someone keep that space for a hardware store and to make a commitment to staying there long term!

  6. Laurie P

    Congratulations to each of the families….Ace and its location are a large part of the South Milwaukee community and I’m pleased it will continue!!

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