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Headlines from around the South Shore …

Also, NOW has published a new police blotter.


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7 responses to “More Headlines

  1. Erik, how do I find out when hearings like the one when the “Christian” civil liberties people spoke against the Masjid Al-Huda purchasing the former St. Adalbert’s property? I would like to attend those, but for whatever reason, I did not know that meeting took place. Thanks!

  2. We publicly notice all meetings, including on our website, etc. But this was not a hearing. This was not on the agenda — nor would it be because there is and was no city approval required for the sale to happen. Everyone who spoke did so as part of the regularly public comment session we have at the start of every regular city council meeting. We take comments for items that do not appear on the agenda (any items) at that time, at every meeting.

  3. disco

    Having used citizen comments a lot, it is something South Milwaukee can be proud that it allows, you simply state your name and address and you will be allowed a reasonable time to comment. The council and mayor are not supposed to respond because it would be bring a subject not on the agenda. That would be a violation of the open meetings law. My take on this mass comment is, people are scared of what is going to happen with St Albert. If any more information can be found out , I think it would help ease the tension. Erik, how about you doing a article of who these people are?

    • Disco: I might consider an article like that at some point, but I think some of this work has to start falling to the mosque. I will continue to share a positive message because that is how I feel, but the mosque has also pledged to step up community outreach as we go forward. I look forward to it. I personally have a lot to learn about the Muslim faith.

      • Disco

        Took the time to stop by the Mosque in Greenfield , talk to one its leaders Sa’ad. He is former Chicago suburb high school teacher, who taught Advance Placement English and headed there Advance Placement program. He played hockey, a goalie, wrestles and weight lifts. Except for the beard, and his dress, pretty ordinary fellow. We quickly got to the Advanced Placement subject, he was extremely well versed. Had some interesting ideas and experiences with advanced placement.

  4. Thank you, that helps a lot.

  5. julia esaman

    I just wanted to thank the Mayor and City of South Milwaukee crew for doing a great job of snow removal in front of our store Memory Lane Antiques at 916 Milwaukee Ave. It is sure wonderful to be able to walk up to our store without going over a snowbank. Thanks again, stop in and see the Valentine gifts that are available at a great price. Julia Esaman, owner of Memory Lane.

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