Holy Meatballs! A Tasty Option For Friday Dinner

A previous version of this post had the wrong date. The event is this Friday, Jan. 22.

Putting a plug in for Trinity Lutheran Church’s (my church) annual Meatball Supper …

The annual event returns this Friday, Jan. 22, with some great homemade food and fellowship. Dinner is served from 4 to 7 p.m. at Trinity, 2507 5th Ave. in South Milwaukee.

On the menu are tasty Scandinavian meatballs and gravy, parsley-buttered potatoes, corn, coleslaw, lefse and rolls, and the best homemade desserts around.

Cost is $10 for those age 11 and up. It’s $4 for those 6 to 10, and those 5 and under are free.

Takeout orders are available.

Take my word for it: It’s terrific. Both the supper and Trinity.


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3 responses to “Holy Meatballs! A Tasty Option For Friday Dinner

  1. Karl Lonngren

    I remember that Trinity Lutheran Church also had Norwegian lutefisk dinners every year when I was living in South Milwaukee in the 1950s. Do they still have them?

  2. Disco

    Was there last year.The food is great, the meatballs are hot, juice and tasty. The potatoes are soft but not to soft, the gravy makes both very delightful. Service is beyond belief, fast and pleasant, You will not go away hungry.

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