Rocket Football Coach Steps Down


Derek Hoff has resigned his job as South Milwaukee football coach.

He reported this on his Twitter account today: “Officially stepping down from Head Football Coach w/ intent to head north to be closer to my family in a time of need.”

Hoff leaves after two seasons, after replacing John Galewski in 2014. The Rockets finished 8-2 in 2014 and won the Woodland East title, but they slipped to 4-5 last year.

I’ll miss Coach Hoff. I remember when he was first hired, and I was running for mayor, he emailed me: “I believe our team has a responsibility to this community to perform in the classroom, on the field, and to provide volunteerism within the community. I want our athletes to be a positive spark for the people of South Milwaukee.”

His teams were that spark. I saw countless examples of Rocket football players stepping up to serve the community during Hoff’s tenure, from coordinated activities like their fall cleanup for seniors to shoveling snow for an elderly resident to team efforts like getting heads shaved to raise money for St. Baldrick’s and the fight against childhood cancer.

Coach, I wish you well. Family first. You made the decision for the right reasons.

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One response to “Rocket Football Coach Steps Down

  1. stephanie tucker

    such a great teacher and role model. I remember going through some hard times after graduation and I went to visit some of my old teachers and he gave me advice that ill never forget and really opened my eyes. I hope all is well mr.hoff.

    ~best wishes
    stephanie tucker

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