Construction Update: Chicago Avenue Project Begins Next Week

Work begins Tuesday on one of our more significant road construction projects in years — and, as anyone who drives it knows, a necessary one.

You’ll recall we’re reconstructing Chicago Avenue from the Oak Creek bridge (near Dairy Queen) north to Pine Street. This includes installation of new sewer and water lines, storm sewer upgrades, median and island reconstruction and more.

The project begins on Tuesday, July 5, with traffic control setup. Work will continue into October. Traffic will remain flowing, with limited exceptions.

Here is the letter we sent to local businesses and others this week with more details.

The project is being funded entirely through the Water Utility, sewer enterprise funds, our stormwater utility, and the city’s general fund (through borrowing) — and not through any special assessments to abutting property owners.

We appreciate your patience as we embark on this significant investment, and improvement, in our city’s roads. We think the short-term inconvenience of the construction project will be worth it for the long term.


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5 responses to “Construction Update: Chicago Avenue Project Begins Next Week

  1. Mary Ellen Mikulay

    Do you know where this Oak Creek Bridge is ?


  2. mjklemm

    Mr Brooks, when are they going to repair the street approach to the alley on Monroe ave, between 15th and 1512 monroe ave ? Its been 2-3 years now and getting much worse. It was marked to be repaired last summer but they never got to it (thats what we were told) now street sweeper is removing chunks of asphalt every week……… ridiculous

    • mjklemm

      I mis spoke, its the ally approach from the street, on Monroe Ave just between the first and second house on the north side of the street.

  3. Frank

    We are two weeks into the work, any updates?

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