Wanted for Strong-Armed Robbery


From the South Milwaukee Police Department …

On today’s date (Sept. 27, 2016) at 3:47 am the South Milwaukee Police Department received a hold-up alarm at Speedway located at 3102 S Chicago Ave. Two black males took 3 garbage bags full of Newport cigarettes by threat of physical force. No weapon was displayed or mentioned. The clerk was not harmed and complied with their commands. The South Milwaukee Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the two below subjects who are described as being in their early to mid-20s. Please contact the SMPD at 768- 8060 with any information. 


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3 responses to “Wanted for Strong-Armed Robbery

  1. Rachel

    I hope the police are considering stepping up patrols. This is getting out of hand. First home burglaries, now strong armed robberies in our businesses.

  2. Cory

    I drive to work every day around this time (3am) and I often see SMPD on patrol. Nonetheless our community seems to have become an easy target. We can help. Eyes and ears people!

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