Headlines: Profiling a South Milwaukee Diver, Telling Our Story & More

Check out these South Shore headlines …

Also, check out this feature on South Milwaukee High School’s Allison Osell, who is hoping for a podium finish at this Saturday’s WIAA state diving meet. The article appears on the Wisconsin Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association website, a pay site, but the editors allowed me to repost it here. Good luck Allison!

Thanks to Julie Swanson and Ante Udovicic for the terrific images.


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3 responses to “Headlines: Profiling a South Milwaukee Diver, Telling Our Story & More

  1. Disco

    I would to thank the Mayor and the City Clerk for a great job at the voting polls in South Milwaukee. It seam to me to be very smooth. However, I would say Oak Creek had some issues. Note, In the 21st assembly article where the candidates received 16,000 and 11,000 range votes but the total vote was reported 18,000 range. The discrepancy was Oak Creek votes were delayed coming in. The news reported 100% reporting with 18,000 votes. South Milwaukee 1 Oak Creek 0. Also, I happen to be at a campaign party and when they started to calculate how many votes should be there, they figured 70% participation for South Milwaukee. I explain over 80 would be the norm and your missing around 9,000 votes, They had I hard time believing me.

    • Rick

      Sorry Disco your candidate lost. He was not well known and Jessi does a good job! His after election comment was very negative also.

      • Disco

        By the way my Candidate won, “I happen to be at a campaign party” it was Jessie’s, Nice lady, got a chance to explain my High School Advanced Placement program. Sorry , Rick, she real is more than a democrat, on education, then a republican. Expect , some unique legislation on education from her office. Specifically, on early childhood education.

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