Leaf Collection Update

Please note that yesterday (Tuesday, November 15) was the last day to rake leaves into the street for collection by city crews.

Please do not rake leaves into the street the rest of the fall.

We have been collecting leaves for weeks, and city crews began to make one last pass down each street today (November 16).

As in previous years, we continue to have two leaf crews out daily collecting leaves, one crew on the east side of the city and one crew on the west side. We also will be working overtime as needed, and manpower permitting, to run a third leaf crew, sweeper and vacuum truck on weekends.

We appreciate your patience during this process and, as always, encourage you to consider mulching your leaves, when and where possible.

Please direct any questions to the Street Department at 768-8075.


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18 responses to “Leaf Collection Update


    Unfortunately, the trees are still dropping leaves and some trees on Park Avenue are just now turning… We raked all of our leaves for the season on the street today. Unfortunately, I didn’t get this message until later in the day and the leaves are now along the curb. So I hope the crew will make one more sweep on Park Ave.

    • Linda

      The city does send out a news letter that remind the residence that last day of leaf pick up is November 15 but it says to have all leafs to road by November 15. They still may pick yoursup. Give them a call to verify.

  2. Cheryl Sarasin

    We and many of our neighbors have had leaf piles for over a week now in the street and nobody has come by to pick them up. Also because of the warm weather, half of our trees have not lost their leaves.

  3. Joe

    Why do they start and end this so early every year? It seems they start collecting before the leaves have even turned color, and inevitably every year by the time they stop half of the leaves are still on my tree!

  4. Linda

    Too bad the trees in our neighborhood don’t know it’s November 15. They are still full of leaves. Will probably drop after this weekend when it gets cold.

    We had one pick up before Halloween when there were no leaves dropping and another last Thursday. They were on the street for two weeks and by the time they were picked up many blew back into the yards. All our hard work for nothing. Need to improve the pick up procedure.

    • We are not alone in facing big piles of leaves, as I’ve seen in droves into other communities this week. We have studied this and use a similar procedure to other cities who collect leaves. We considered significant new capital investment a couple years ago, at my direction, and found it likely wouldn’t appreciably speed up the process. We already spend so much time and effort to on this, but we are always open to ideas.

  5. SM Guy

    Linda – Dark colored bags in the trash work too 🙂

    • Rick

      Good idea!! Fill black bags with leaves and place in garbage!

      • Linda

        There is only so much mowing and mulching one can do with leaves. If you use them as mulch you still need to get rid of them in spring and they are a mess to clean up as they are usually wet. If not removed in early spring my plants are to o wet rotting my plants. As for mowing the leaves, the leaves are thick and are hard to cut up. Cutting also leaves a thick mulch on the grass if they don’t cut up very well. Then we need to mulch the grass and need to get rid of that. This is not always healthy for the grass if there is too much. We do end up bagging the last of the leaves however we take them to the dump.

  6. Bruno

    Other municipalities collect till November 30th!!! This year the weather has been very warm and mild thus leaves are not falling as fast!! Prior years the City has kept coming around until ALL leaves are collected until there is an accumulating snow. Our street has only been picked up once this year. We have had leaves piled for over one week and there has been no collection. With no snow, what else does the Street Dept have to do except weekly garbage runs!!!

    • We just started final passes, so we will be working for at least another week or two as well, including weekends, and probably until the snow flies, as we have always done. We just do not want new leaves put out because we can’t guarantee they will be picked up.

      • Rick

        Our neighborhood yards are covered with leaves that will be raked up this weekend and placed in the street as it is now dark when coming home from work. Sorry that the trees do not comply with dates!!!!

  7. Mukeman

    This has been an unusually warm fall and the leaves are holding on till the bitter end. However, Manitowoc Avenue (near City Hall) has NOT had ANY leaf pick ups YET this fall? Why? Many of the storm drains are now covered with leaves. Last year I provided feedback on leaf pickup – possibly having the city (street dept.) draft a zone map showing where the street crews will concentrating efforts and picking up leaves. Status? Please advise. This would be helpful so residents can plan on when to rake to the curb. I will consider burning my leaves on non-windy day(s) in a burn barrel if no pickups continue into December.

    • I have asked about a map and we are concerned about overpromising. There are so many variables in this process that it’s hard to predict how far a crew will get in a day or days.

  8. Robb

    In a sort of related topic, what happened to all the trees on 10th Ave. Most have been cut down

    • Good question. Most if not all of them were dead or dying ash and identified for removal in our inventory a couple years ago. We are planning to replace all of them with non-ash alternatives.

  9. Linda

    Do as our neighbors do… Nothing. Their thinking is they will blow away. By summer the neighbors will be over being angry that the leaves were never cleaned up.

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