Stepping up to Enhance Leaf Collection


We heard you, and we’re acting. Here is the note we’re sharing on the city website and social media channels …

We appreciate your continued patience with leaf collection.

Our Street Department crews have been working as hard as they can to collect leaves, and will continue to. We are also announcing changes to help in the collection process.

  • First, through the end of the year, we will be waiving the $2 usage fee for our self-deposit station for residents disposing of leaves. If you are disposing of items other than leaves, you will still have to pay the fee. There is no per-bag fee for leaf disposal.
  • We are also adding crews to the process. We typically have two leaf crews out during normal hours, but we are now aiming for three when possible.
  • We have also authorized overtime this weekend, with eight employees focused on leaf collection and disposal, and we will have crews working on overtime until 7 p.m. on weeknights for the time being, starting Nov. 18.
  • Also, we are extending leaf pickup until the first snowfall requiring plowing, as we have done in other years. Of course, this is weather dependent, but we are committing to picking up leaves for as long as we can until snow season starts.

We hope these measures will help reduce the number of leaf piles along the streets, and make it easier for you, our taxpayers, to dispose of leaves.

We continue to make our pass through the city, meaning that each street will be processed over the next couple of weeks. With that in mind, we continue to ask that you not put new leaf piles out, as our original Nov. 15 cutoff date has passed, and we can no longer guarantee we will pick up leaves left out after that date. And please do not park on leaf piles, as this hinders collection. 

 Also, while we will continue to collect, please be aware that if a snowfall occurs requiring plowing and there are still leaves on the street, the leaves will be plowed along with the snow and end up in yards.  This cannot be avoided if the weather does not cooperate.

Again, we thank you for your patience. This is a very costly and time-intensive service that is an annual challenge to deliver. We also continue to ask you to consider to mow or mulch, when and where possible. This will reduce demand on our city crews, and it’s better for the environment.

I want to thank the Street Department for their hard work in collecting leaves so far this year. It’s hard, sometimes tedious, work.

We’ve already collected more than 27 truckloads of leaves. But there’s a lot more to go. These steps will help us get more of them, quicker.


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3 responses to “Stepping up to Enhance Leaf Collection

  1. Disco

    I would like to Thank the Mayor for free leaf drop off at City South Milwaukee self deposit station. It makes it easier on us older folks, who can rake leaves every day till we get tired, place them in the backseat, and drop them off at the station. The $2 fee can add up if you go Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, till the end of the year. Question would the free entrance include small branches?

  2. robert procter

    I think we have the best street department in the entire state.

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