10 People Displaced in Overnight Fire


From the South Milwaukee Fire Department …

At approximately 11:01PM last evening (Nov. 17, 2016), SMFD received a 9-1-1 call from a female caller stating that her upstairs apartment was on fire and two children were trapped.  SMFD responded and, upon arrival, discovered a fire in the kitchen of an upstairs apartment at 1300 Manistique Avenue and that all occupants had evacuated the 3-family dwelling.  The fire was quickly extinguished and extensive overhaul ensued as the fire had extended into the attic of the building through an above-range exhaust fan and duct system.  As a precaution, all power was shut off to the building as the fire exposed parts of the electrical system.  The cause of the fire was accidental as the occupant left a pot of melting candle wax on an active burner as part of a candle making process that eventually ignited and caused the surrounding cabinets to ignite and extend upward into the attic area. No one was injured and the American Red Cross was contacted to assist the 10 occupants of the three apartments.

Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

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