It’s That Time of Year: Winter Parking Restrictions Begin

Winter parking restrictions are now underway, so be sure to purchase your parking permits.

From the South Milwaukee Police Department website

Winter Parking Permits

Cost of the permits is $30.00 per month or $100.00 for the entire 4 month season.  Any resident who wishes to park on the street between the hours of 3am and 6am must purchase a parking permit.  Alternate side parking rules also apply.  Winter parking is enforced 7 days a week.

Residents can purchase Winter Parking Permits at the Police Department Monday-Friday from 7am – 8pm.  There will be no permit sales, or citation payments accepted, outside of these hours OR on weekends and Holidays. 

PLAN AHEAD, get your permits early.  Parking permission will not be given because you did not have time to purchase a permit.   Get in early and get your permit purchased.

Winter Parking Restrictions

During the period from December 1st to March 31st, no person shall park a vehicle on any street in the City of South Milwaukee between the hours of 3:00 AM and 6:00 AM.

However, vehicles may be parked during such hours if a permit is obtained from the Police Department after the filing of an application and the payment of $30.00 per month permit fee, $27.00 if obtained after the 15th of the month, or $100.00 for a 4-month permit.

Any vehicle parked in accordance with the above shall only be permitted to park on the EVEN numbered side of the street on those nights whose calendar date before midnight is even (N and W sides of the street are even), *Where parking is normally permitted only on one side of the street this section shall apply.


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2 responses to “It’s That Time of Year: Winter Parking Restrictions Begin

  1. Linda

    I think that there needs to be additional parking rules through out the year especially in areas in the city where the people have driveways. Maybe not as strict as during the winter months. We have neighbors use the street as an addition to their driveway. It makes hard feelings among the other neighbors. They park their cars on the street April 1st and don’t move it again till Dec. 1. This took place for two years. Then another neighbor parks their cars in front of their neighbors house instead of their own. Now days every person in the house has to have a car the minute they get their drivers license. They have more vehicles then their driveways can hold. (Two neighbors park their trailers in their drives and then park their cars on the road. One day I don’t think a firetruck could make the turn unto our street with cars on both sides of the streets. I called our alderperson and he feels it would be to expensive for the police to patrol. He also doesn’t feel its a problem. Maybe if this happened on his street in front of his house then it would be an issue. The city wants to make the city look nice maybe get some of these cars off the street.

  2. Frank Gratke

    The South Milwaukee Parking wars are a lot more friendly then the City of Milwaukee. It is nice to leave your car when needed on the street. However, it does get out of hand, when you have a lot of people living in multiplex properties with not enough parking. Over time, the police have suggested that keeping order would be easier with year round restrictions. I see it happening where more restrictions are going to come. Reason, April is still a winter month, along with people in higher end areas do not want poorly looking vehicles in front of their residents and business. One solution, a permit to park your car on the street, more then 12 hours at a time during April thru November.
    Note: I try not leaving my car park on the street because I am afraid it will get hit.

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