Progress Continues Toward a Cleaner Oak Creek Watershed


When it comes to revitalizing the Oak Creek Watershed, we’re just getting started.

With that in mind, last week I received an update from the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission on the ongoing watershed restoration planning effort. From it …

A significant portion of the Oak Creek mainstem has been surveyed, 82 bridges and culverts have been assessed in the watershed, and temperature data is being gathered at 25 distinct locations. This information will all contribute to the watershed restoration planning process for Oak Creek.

The Stakeholder Group will continue to assist the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) staff in development of the Oak Creek Watershed Restoration Plan in 2017. It is anticipated that the Group will hold 4-5 more meetings during the approximately 2.5-year plan preparation period.

As with the first two meetings, the Stakeholder Group meetings are open to the general public and will be held in the early evening with a light supper available. Notices of the Stakeholder Group meetings will be sent out by the Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network, which is an outreach partner for the study.

Here is the full update, with a lot more detail.

I’ll keep you posted on upcoming meetings … and the continued progress on this critically important work.

Earlier this fall, I also had the chance to see firsthand this progress, and it’s significant. SEWRPC team members are literally walking every foot of the creek’s main channel, digitally mapping the creek’s key features using GPS. The detailed information they are gathering is pretty impressive — and will be crucial in determining the restoration plan. Thanks to the SEWRPC staff for the wading tour of the creek. It was an experience I won’t soon forget. That’s where the picture in the post came from. 

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