Road Rage: Scary Scene Today Outside Rawson Elementary

From the South Milwaukee Police Department press release …

On January 6, 2017 at about 8:29AM the South Milwaukee Police Department received a call of a person with a handgun in the parking lot of Rawson School. Officers responded to the school and determined that it was a result of a road rage incident. A handgun was recovered at the scene. A 44yr old South Milwaukee resident and her 17yr old son were taking into custody. Charges are pending at the Milwaukee County DA’s Office for the female subject. No students or visitors to the school were in danger. No further info will be released at this time.

As the mayor and parent of a Rawson student, I thank the police for their quick and decisive action here.


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9 responses to “Road Rage: Scary Scene Today Outside Rawson Elementary

  1. Becky

    I sure hope they weren’t attempting to shoot someone due to the parking lot being so small it’s frustrating but let’s look out for our babies and have patience.

  2. SM Guy

    So what about the armed robberies being discussed on social media. Why aren’t there blog posts about them when the danger might still exist. It sounds like this case is wrapped up with the perpetrator(s) in custody.

    • Thanks for the question. On the blog, I have generally posted all press releases issued by the police department, but I will look at posting more going forward. Either way, I have always encouraged readers of this blog to follow other sources of local news and information, beyond this website. For example, I want citizens to engage on key local Facebook pages and social sites like Next Door. Doing so will give you a more complete look at what’s happening in South Milwaukee. I’ve worked hard to make this blog a robust news source over the years; but it’s just one source.

  3. John Tangen

    Was the firearm used in this road rage incident? Or was it a case of someone having a firearm on school property in violation of current laws? Just HAD to mention that a big bad evil gun was confiscated. Of course the smpf would mention it per the official stance they have on them.

    Really surprised that there are not more incidents at the school. The setup is conducive to plenty of frustration. Perhaps if the school board, city and smpf were to look into ways to improve the drop off and pick up procedures, lot layout, roadway and traffic flow future incidents could be avoided. Not to mention the congestion on Rawson Ave. resulting at drop off and pick up times.

    • Becky

      I agree 100 percent, I heard through a fellow mom that the gun was pointed at her friend that the road rager was going after. And they need to expand the parking lot why can’t the city extend where that old bar the steeple and that house used to be on that corner on 15th and rawson? We need something done,

  4. Sue

    How about letting your kids WALK to school, at least they would get some exercise and there would be a lot less traffic.

    • Becky

      When it’s cold out, not happening, and alot of people have to work, and being this day and age I will not let my kids walk to and from school alone.

  5. Melanie

    Becky has a great idea Mayor. What is tha lot of grass used for?

    • Tom schulz

      The land and building was purchased by south milwaukee schools with tax payer dollars to create green space. The school board should be asked this question

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