Competition on the Spring Ballot


Tuesday was the deadline for spring election candidates to declare their candidacy and file nomination signatures, and I will have two opponents.

Frank Gratke and James Leavens are challenging me in the mayor’s race.

In the race for South Milwaukee School Board, incumbents Patricia Bordak, Carol Dufek and John E. Haslam are running for new terms, and they will also be challenged by Gratke (listed at Frank Millpond Gratke on that ballot).

There will be a Feb. 21 primary, narrowing the field in my race and the race for superintendent of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

The general election is April 4.

For me, it’s full speed ahead on my campaign. My commitment to serving the citizens of South Milwaukee is stronger than ever, and I humbly ask for your support.

We’re just getting started on delivering South Milwaukee’s promising future, together. We will continue that work in my second term as mayor.

Please take a few minutes to learn more about my campaign on my website and Facebook page. And that’s a photo of me submitting my nomination signatures on Dec. 23. 


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3 responses to “Competition on the Spring Ballot

  1. Tammy Broniec

    You have my vote!


      Our family is voting for you….we are not democrats but believe you have done and will continue to do what’s best for South Milwaukee….

  2. Melanie

    Yes, it seems the school board never changes. Why no term limits? And I too am not a democrat but think your doing a pretty good job and you have my vote.

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