Proudly Looking Back at 2016 – and Ahead to a Brighter New Year

When it comes to delivering the positive change South Milwaukee deserves, we are just getting started.

But we’ve started. And that’s a big deal, something we all can be proud of.

We will continue that momentum in 2017. We’ll build on these success from the past year …

And there’s plenty more.

Of course, it wasn’t all positive news in 2016, but when is it ever? We lost community servants like Rick Grobschmidt and Blaine Schultz, and Donn Powers retired. We received news of Caterpillar’s consolidation out of state. We also saw an increase in property crimes, and we need to find a way to plant and replant more trees. While we passed another responsible budget, we continue to deal with state-imposed and other constraints, shrinking revenues, rising costs and other challenges.

Still, our future remains promising, our momentum strong. We’ll deliver even more positive change in 2017, together. I hope you’re as excited to continue this journey as I am.

Happy new year, indeed.

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