Mission Accomplished: Ambulance Headed to Nicaragua


A community in Nicaragua is getting a “retiring” South Milwaukee ambulance thanks to the efforts of Alderwoman Lisa Pieper and dozens of other donors.

You will recall that, in February, the South Milwaukee City Council voted to purchase a new ambulance as part of its regular rotation of vehicles.

That left one vehicle – in this case, a 2001 model with approximately 80,000 of miles on it, the last van-style ambulance in our department — to be “retired.” Typically that means we’d send it to auction, and maybe get $5,000 for it. But Lisa had a better idea.

She wanted to send the ambulance to a country that needs it.

That’s why Lisa raised funds to reimburse the city for the fair market value of the ambulance, title transferring and any related shipping costs.

She recently met her goal, thanks to a donation from the South Milwaukee Lions Club, Jen’s Sweet Treats and many others who stepped up for this great cause.

Thanks to everyone who donated, and to Lisa for driving this, putting a piece of South Milwaukee in the hands of the less fortunate.


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3 responses to “Mission Accomplished: Ambulance Headed to Nicaragua

  1. Jennifer Clark

    Congratulations on a job well done Lisa!

  2. Lisa Pieper

    Thank you! And thank you for all of your help Jen & the Jen’s Sweet Treats Crew!

  3. Ralph Harkins

    Good job!

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