Welcome to South Milwaukee, New Day Church!

New Day Church is moving down the block, and into South Milwaukee.

The small church, a Converge ministry congregation with 60-70 regular attendees, has begun worshiping at 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings at Wil-o-Way Grant after moving from the YIM facility in Cudahy (the former YMCA).

I had a chance to meet Pastor Neal last week, and I left impressed with their commitment to make South Milwaukee a better place by bringing their mission to life: to serve Christ as His ambassadors to our community.

Learn more here.

Please join me in welcoming New Day and their members to South Milwaukee — and thank them for adding to our already rich religious diversity as a city.


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4 responses to “Welcome to South Milwaukee, New Day Church!

  1. nealletteney

    Thank you, Mr. Mayor! We couldn’t be happier to be here in South Milwaukee!!

  2. Matr

    Thank you Mayor Brooks. From our family to yours: may God and the Holy Spirit be a guide for all your days. ❤🕇❤

  3. Mr. Roger A. Wilcox Sr.

    Thank You Mayor Brooks and we are happy to be in South Milwaukee our new church will serve us well and give us room to grow and do GODS work in your community

  4. Dorene

    Thank you Mayor Brooks, your kindness is truly appreciated.

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