Joining the Fight Against Substance Abuse and Opioid Addiction

I offer my thanks to everyone who had a hand in planning and executing Monday’s Addiction Information Resource Fair.

The South Milwaukee Unite Against Drug Abuse Coalition — led by our Health and Police Departments — put on a great event that made a made a real difference for the more than 100 people who attended.

The remarks from Dustin, a former South Milwaukee student and recovering opioid and heroin addict, were inspirational, and the information presented by the Medical Society of Milwaukee’s Dr. Michael McNett and South Milwaukee Police Department Inv. Jon Rivamonte was both shocking and informative.

You can see Dr. McNett’s presentation here. Here is Inv. Rivamonte’s.

I also want to thank the organizations who presented at the fair itself. It’s heartening to see so many resources available for substance abuse victims — so much support from people who have been through it themselves, or have seen a family member ravaged by this illness.

This is such an important issue, and I’m proud to say the city and its partners are leading the fight against substance abuse and opioid addiction. As the father of two young kids, scared as hell we will find ourselves in this situation one day, I’m proud to stand with them as we keep up the fight. This is just the beginning.

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One response to “Joining the Fight Against Substance Abuse and Opioid Addiction

  1. I get really sad when I see our younger generation perish due to drug abuse.

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