Downtown Development Update: 11th and Madison

It’s the question I was asked most on the campaign trail, and beyond: What’s up with the downtown mixed-use development?

My response was always the same: Vetter Denk is as committed to the project as ever. On Tuesday, Vetter Denk’s owners reinforced that commitment. Now the real work begins.

The South Milwaukee City Council unanimously approved a six-month extension of the planning option for the proposed mixed-use project at 11th and Madison Avenues downtown.

At the meeting, co-owner John Vetter said he is more excited about the project now than he was even six months ago, when it was first proposed. During that time, the firm has been doing its due diligence, refining plans for the residential, commercial and public use components of the development. They’ve met with prospective retail tenants, too, including potential microbrewers, although they do not have a signed lease for that part of the project, and may not even as dirt is moved on the apartments.

So, good news. But there is a lot more work to do. In fact, it’s just getting started in many ways.

Details matter, and there are a lot of details to be worked out in coming weeks and months, from further honing the development plans to finalizing potential incentives, including tax incremental financing. There is a long road ahead, with a number of governmental approvals necessary and public comment opportunities to come. Vetter Denk knows this … and is focused on moving the development forward.

We look forward working with them.

Wrote Vetter Denk in the extension request: “We will present the City with a final development that not only meets our pragmatic requirements, but will also be the catalytic project that you have envisioned for the City of South Milwaukee.”

I’ll keep you posted as plans advance.

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