Earth Day: Opportunities to Clean up This Saturday



The city’s official Earth Day celebration is next Saturday, April 29, but you can get a head start on cleanup opportunities with two events on Saturday, April 22.

  • First, the Friends of Grant Park are holding their annual cleanup starting at 9 a.m. Meet at the beach. The Friends will provide gloves, hot chocolate and bags. Please bring rakes, if possible.
  • There is also the South Milwaukee Community & Business Association’s Kicking Butts Downtown cleanup activity, starting at 3 p.m. Details on Facebook.

Let’s clean up this city!


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4 responses to “Earth Day: Opportunities to Clean up This Saturday

  1. Erika

    Hello mayor brooks, I’m messaging you about cleaning up and re updating the Marquette plaza area. It is not the most pleasant area in SM but if you add a Starbucks and other modern shops, it would be good. Just a little idea for you.

  2. ray

    I think it would be better if someone local opened a coffee shop and sold or show cased local artist like Mocha Lisa in Racine.

  3. I agree that Marquette Plaza can use some upgrades, but that is really a question for the property owner. I hope to see more investment in that property. The fact that they have two national chain anchors there already makes it viable, in my mind. As for a local coffee house, we have a terrific one already: Avenue Coffee, 911 Milwaukee Ave. Stop by around 7:30 a.m. some morning; you’ll probably see me there 🙂

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