May 21: The Food Trucks are Back!

Thanks to the Rotary Club of Mitchell Field for bringing back this terrific event.

Committed so far: Streetza Pizza, Meat on the Street, Yellow Bellies, Bebe’s Bistro, Truckmeister, Press (Belgian leige waffles), Denson’s Catering, Little Havana Express, Pig Tailz MKE, Heavenly Cuisine on the Go, Happy Dough Lucky, and Jamaican Kitchen & Grill … with more to come.

Mark your calendars!

Flyer 8.5x11


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4 responses to “May 21: The Food Trucks are Back!

  1. Alex

    Mayor brooks in messaging you about the South MKE sign you wanted to build. I saw it on the revilatation grant. When will that be happening? Please respond back, thanks.

    • While I really like the concept, it was just a concept. I’m not sure it will ever be built as you see it. It was more to spur discussion around ways to better activate that “100% corner” of the city. A project on that corner has been contemplated as part of our ongoing discussions around streetscaping upgrades on Milwaukee Avenue, maybe as a phase two. But it requires partnership with the bank, etc.

      • Alex

        Ok. It was just a thought. If you and your team do decide to build it, it will make SM different from the other Milwaukee suburb area. Thanks for notifying me.

  2. Clark

    Hello Mayor Erik Brooks! This is a South Milwaukee resident messaging you. I’m messaging you about new reinvention for the city of South Milwaukee. South Milwaukee is a great city and the people here are nice too. I also love the houses here too. There are some major ideas i have to make the city a better and more wonderful place! One thing i will say is that we need a place like Drexel town square in SM. That will help the city tremendously. We also need modern restaurants in downtown to fill up those open spaces of buildings. Downtown looks really sad and ghostly, but if you decide to create more things, this. city has the potential to become even more great. We need to get rid of the bad stores and stores that get no business for ex: there is a liquor store right by the Rawson Elementary school. I don’t want for bad people and the children at the elementary schools to be so close to each other. Instead add something for the kids to gather around after school or go on the morning before school like a Starbucks. You are only person I’m counting on to make the city a better place. We need modern stores and shops for people to come downtown! Some restaurants that you should put downtown is: Naf Naf grill, Bravo Cucina, and other modern restaurants. We need to repair any broken roads and remodel the buildings on the outside to make it more appealing to visitors. We need to make hotels for the people visiting here! Radisson Hotels would be great here! This would make me and the city extremely happy and thankful. I really think you are one of the best mayors we’ve ever had! I’m really inspired by your work and i hope that you and the city make these decisions to help South Milwaukee prosper! Thank you for everything! I hope that microbrewery will blast off the SM development.

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