May Flowers: Local Plant Sales Planned

April showers bring May flowers … so why not buy those flowers from a local organization fundraiser?

Two of them are holding plant sales at South Milwaukee Middle School in May …

  • Saturday, May 13: South Milwaukee Middle School Environmental Club Native (and Veggie) Plant Sale, 9 a.m. to noon. More details here.
  • Saturday, May 20: South Milwaukee Municipal Band Germanium Sale, 9 to 11 a.m. More details here.

And don’t forget about other discount opportunities available through the Beautification Committee’s Neighborhood Beautification Program.


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9 responses to “May Flowers: Local Plant Sales Planned

  1. Daniel

    Mayor Brooks, what restaurants and shops are you planning to put in SM?

  2. Thanks for the question. I don’t “put” any businesses in South Milwaukee. Instead, I try and help build a climate where primarily small, independent business owners can thrive — either existing businesses growing or new ones coming to town. Examples in the past year include the expansion/renovation of DB Tax and Ace Hardware, as well the opening of a number of new businesses: four new restaurants (fifth on the way), The SHOP, C3 Designs and Jen’s Sweet Treats, to name a few. With more to come.

  3. Davi

    Do you plan to remove the liquor store right across from the elementary school. Its a nice area to reinvent and add a much better restaurant/store. I was reading past comments from your other post and other people want it removed. One person said they want a starbucks there and i don’t think thats a bad idea.

    • No. The city doesn’t “remove” businesses because residents would prefer something else in its place. And, in this specific case, this is a good merchant who runs a good store. I have a daughter at Rawson Elementary and have no problem with the store’s location, or its operations. I don’t see South Milwaukee attracting a Starbucks; we already have a really good local, independent coffee house in town anyway. We are actively looking to reinvent parts of our city, starting downtown. But we can’t pick and choose businesses; nor should the city have that power.

  4. Alison

    Mayor Brooks, I am messaging you because I want some extra information about the microbrewery. Will it be a giant restaurant? Kind of like water street brewery but better? Will there be smaller restaurants in the microbrewrey area as well? Thank you.

  5. ray

    what incentives is the city offering to get new businesses to come to our city?

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