Real Impact: South Milwaukee Library, by the Numbers

I love the South Milwaukee Library, and looking at the data below, I’m not alone.

The positive changes we’ve seen in the past few years are taking root, and the future is bright for this terrific community facility.

Libraries are no longer just places to go and check out books. These days, they are community centers, internet cafes, and their own versions of Blockbuster Video and Kinko’s. They are learning centers and event spaces, places where children of all ages can gather for fun, enrichment and socialization.

And they are places to check out books, too.

I want to thank our library director, Nan Champe, for her continued hard work, and the members of the Library Board, who give of their time to make sure this community institution continues to deliver real value to residents.

Libraries make communities, communities. Ours is an example of that.




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7 responses to “Real Impact: South Milwaukee Library, by the Numbers

  1. joe synowicz

    too bad they are inaccurate in cheking back ooks

  2. ray

    they don’t offer many computer classes. I go to the Franklin library for computer classes.

  3. Betsy

    I agree that for the size of our city, this is a great, community-building resource with terrific staff and unique offerings in addition to reading material.

  4. Tammy Broniec

    Love the library!

  5. Bruno

    We use the Cudahy Library due to Sunday hours.

  6. Melanie

    Why don’t you put the numbers up about the libraries operating budget and salaries which are close to a half million dollars?
    Anyone else notice how loud the police and paramedics sirens have gotten since talk of the referendum?

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