This blog reached a milestone recently I never thought I’d see: one million page views.

As you can see in the attached graphic, readership has grown each year since I launched the blog in 2009, with the three highest traffic months coming in the past year. The blog also recently picked up its 700th follower. I’ve posted more than 3,000 items.

There are plenty more stats I can quote, but this is not about the numbers. It’s about you, the readers, residents and non-residents alike.

I thank you for reading … and pledge to continue to fulfill the mission of the blog since the day I launched it: to be a key source of news and information from around South Milwaukee and the South Shore.

You may not agree with everything you see here, and that’s OK. But, as I state in the “About” section …

As South Milwaukee’s mayor, I am committed to ensuring that district residents have their voices heard on key issues, and that they are informed about happenings around their neighborhood and city. This blog delivers on that promise, fulfilling a vital need in an era of shrinking coverage of our city by the traditional media.

Behind that mission, we’ve been growing strong for eight years, one reader at a time. Times a million.



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4 responses to “1,000,000

  1. Tammy Broniec

    Thanks for keeping us informed Mayor Brooks!

  2. Marlene Ott

    Although I do not live in South Milwaukee, my life is inextricably tied to this wonderful community of good people after more than 40 years as a teacher in the high school. I read every word of your posts and appreciate that you take the time to become the source of information that our media no longer gives, the local news and views! I sometimes wonder when you sleep, holding down a full-time demanding job, attending almost every major community and surroundings events, AND writing these regular updates for us. Thank you seems inadequate to express my appreciation.

    • Lori

      Thank you, Mayor Brooks. I agree with Marlene. I too wonder when or if you sleep. Keep up the good work. I see so many positive things happening in our great city and am excited to see what else might be in store.

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