News from around the South Shore includes a story on a proposed self-storage development at the former South Park Lanes site and the retirement of our police chief.

Also, NOW has published a new police blotter.


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4 responses to “Headlines!

  1. UpNirth

    Would like to see the polling place at Rawson moved to a place with more parking. Not enough parking spots available during the day and even when they do make more spots available they are used up by the parents of the students.

  2. Audrey horsman

    It is fine right where it is, don’t move it

  3. Frank Gratke

    I would like to thank the Mayor for spearheading a discussion on the old bowling alley site for a development . It was well over an hour at Tuesdays common council meeting., More questions were ask then could be answered. A 6 million final evaluation of the complex seam high for storage units. The concept of high end storage units had everybody at the meeting , saying “what are these units”. What is the cost for clearing the site was asked.. I figure of 500,000 for building and parking lot came out. Do we want to use a TIF to for possible residential structures was mentioned,.
    My feeling is the only answer to this development is maybe. I feel we just need a lot more information to say yes or no. The two questions I would ask how, how big are the units and what would they rent for.But it was a very interesting common council meeting!

  4. Evan

    I think the best idea for the Old bowling alley is home development. There is a house right behind the bowling alley and it’s one of the most beautiful and unique homes I’ve ever seen! More homes like that would be great. The best idea is to use that land for home development. South Milwaukee is in the more richer/better part of the Milwaukee/Racine/west allis metro area so that’s a perfect idea to the community.

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