Welcome to Bird City

Last Saturday, on an absolutely gorgeous day at Grant Park, we celebrated our recent Bird City recognition today with Birds & Beers. (I had to leave before the beers at Moran’s Pub.)

Thanks to Rita Flores Wiskowski, Brian Lentz from Bird City Wisconsin, the Friends of Grant Park and all of the birders who took part.

We should be famous for so many positive things in South Milwaukee, and birding is one of them. This honor will help us tell that story — and help remind us of the need to preserve and enhance the ecological logical treasures we have in this city.


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2 responses to “Welcome to Bird City

  1. SM Guy

    Do the people who know what they are talking about have a Bird City web page or Facebook group that posts pictures of the various birds that have been seen in South Milwaukee? That would be cool and might help us uninitiated learn what’s out their besides sparrows and robins. (And maybe a sub-album for shaming people who let their cats wander around outside their property?)

    • Thanks that’s a great idea! I just created a page – https://www.facebook.com/SMBirdCity/. I just created it and there is nothing too interesting posted on it yet… so in the meantime there are other pages worth checking out too. Wisconsin Birds in Pictures is a neat page that is run by Todd Leech, a fantastic wildlife photographer who resides in South Milwaukee. And stay tuned for more postings on the SM Bird City page. Once I get people to find it and follow it we’ll post about bird sightings, bird news, habitat information and more. Thanks for the idea. This should be fun!

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