Bucyrus Foundation Announces $200,000 Grant for South Milwaukee Economic Development

Exciting news today, as the Bucyrus Foundation announced a $200,000 grant to aid in the redevelopment of South Milwaukee.

bucyrus-international_416x416This is a unique and innovative partnership between South Milwaukee and the iconic company that called us home for more than a century.

As I say in the press release

In many ways, the story of South Milwaukee is the story of Bucyrus, and vice versa. For many years, we were a  company town – shovels used to build the Panama Canal were built here. Bucyrus proudly defined us. This grant is a reflection of that, and we are so thankful to have attracted these funds. … South Milwaukee is at a crossroads, and the choices we make today will shape the redevelopment future of the city. These funds mean Bucyrus will help shape that future.

I can’t be more excited about this, and I thank City Administrator Tami Mayzik and Economic Development Director Stephanie Hacker for their work in pulling the grant materials together. I also thank Tim Sullivan for his leadership and advocacy in helping secure these funds. As he says, “We hope to continue to support the city that provided us with so much success over so many years as long as we can.”

We have to earn that support, and we are and will.

Check out coverage from BizTimes.


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3 responses to “Bucyrus Foundation Announces $200,000 Grant for South Milwaukee Economic Development

  1. This is so exciting ! Find the best sources for advice and hire the best to work on it—those who have the most experience and have been the most successful.

  2. Frank Millpond Gratke

    This grant is a good thing. It saves property tax dollars. I belief there is a lot of money out there. Historical preservation credits and WHEDA credits are two of many.

  3. Nels Monson

    Bravo! Great news… I hope the money is spent wisely and on things that can actually spur economic development – and not frittered away on salaries, etc. This money could definitely put SM over the top in getting our historic Downtown to become a member of the Main Street program. There is a lot of bang for the buck there, all for the purpose of formulating a workable and comprehensive plan for boosting economic development for Wisconsin’s small towns. I have long been a proponent of getting SM listed on the Main Street program. With some dedication and creative vision, perhaps we can make it so.

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